Folktales, Fables & Fantastic Futures

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What exactly does friendship mean to you? Common bonds, shared values, relatable experiences?

Held in conjunction with this year’s International Friendship Day, Folktales, Fables & Fantastic Futures, the special exhibition at the Singapore Discovery Centre, explores how stories connect us all. It does so by exploring the common thread of values that run through folktales and stories from Singapore, South East Asia and further afield as well.

Singapore is represented by the legend of how Bukit Merah got its name. This local tale tells of how a clever boy saves a village from attacking swordfish, only to be set upon by a jealous king. This traditional tale holds both cautionary and inspiring lessons that questions that visitors are invited to think about.

Folktales Fables

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The epic story of Ramayana, in its various forms around the region, is also presented. Traditional art forms from Vietnam and the Philippines are also exhibited and kids can try putting up a water puppet skit or learn how to do the Filipino Tinikling bamboo dance.


Water Puppets


Guides from the Singapore Discovery Centre are on hand to bring visitors through the exhibition. They helpfully elucidate the significance and meaning behind the exhibits.

From 31 May to 29 June, children will be able to make their own masks based on the featured stories or even create characters of their own at the exhibition as part of Children’s Season 2014.

Look out for special cultural performances and craft demonstrations from the countries featured in the Folktales, Fables & Fantastic Futures exhibition on 7 and 8 June as well.

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