Flipside 2018

Flipside 2018: Sensing the Dark
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Over 10 days, the Esplanade is transformed by unconventional performances, large-scale installation art, and pop-up arts and technology experiences. Explore music, puppetry, physical theatre and comedy, visual art and performance as they intersect in surprising ways.

Expect loads of hands-on fun for the family, with special programming for young adults looking for a late night arts experience with a twist. Featuring international and local artists, Flipside sparks childish curiosity and ignites imaginations.

Sound Maze by Paul Dresher & Daniel Schmidt (US)

Soundmaze Pendulum 670x670 300x300 1“Paul Dresher [is] a sort of musical Thomas Edison.” – San Francisco Chronicle

From the wildly inventive minds of instrument inventor and composer Paul Dresher, and builder-designer Daniel Schmidt, comes this unique aural treat.

Using over a dozen newly invented musical instruments and sound sculptures, Dresher creates an immersive and interactive sonic and visual world of sound. So come and let yourself be transported by this ear-opening experience, then get hands-on as you explore, play and discover a whole new musical world.

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Sound Maze begins with a 20-min orientation and demonstration of the instruments by Dresher, after which you’ll be free to interact with the instruments for the rest of the programme.

Unleash your inner musician in this engaging experience. Recommended for ages 4 and above. Tickets required for admission, including infants-in-arm.

Tickets available through www.esplanade.com/flipside and SISTIC.

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Ticket Price
$12 online, $18 at the door

25 to 27 May

Fri: 7.30pm & 9.30pm
Sat & Sun: 2pm, 4pm & 6pm

Approximately 1hr 30mins. Re-admission is allowed.

About Paul Dresher
Ever since he began building musical instruments as a high school student in Los Angeles, Paul Dresher has been deeply engaged with instrument invention. Over his long career, in close collaboration with builder-designer Daniel Schmidt and their design team, Dresher has invented dozens of remarkable instruments, many for use in his acclaimed music-theatre works Sound Stage (2001) and Schick Machine(2009). Dresher created his latest instruments for Sound Maze in 2015.

Flipside 2018: Dans l’Atelier & Chantier Frigolite

Flipside 2018: dans-l'Atelier“This show is dense, rich in discoveries, with never a dull moment. The madness, while contained in the beginning, builds to a crescendo and reaches a literally explosive finale. A must.” A. Deb. L’Avenir

The award-winning Tof Theatre presents an experience that captivates and enlightens you on traditional puppetry techniques.

A puppet slowly comes to life…by itself?

Watch the mystery of puppet creation unfold. As mishap after mishap befalls the construction process, the puppet decides to complete the project itself, struggling with the elements, its materials and even its own puppeteer!

After the performance, add to your experience and take a stab at making styrofoam puppets of your own at the Chantier Frigolite workshop. No guarantees that your puppet won’t come to life and take over the task!

Please note:
The Dans l’Atelier performance is followed immediately by the optional one-hour Chantier Frigolite workshop. Audience members can choose to purchase a ticket to just the performance or to both the performance and workshop.

Admission for ages 7 and above only.

Tickets available through www.esplanade.com/flipside and SISTIC.

Book Now!

Ticket Price
Performance only (approximately 20 mins): $12 per person
Performance & Workshop: $28 per person (limited availability, approximately 1 hr 20 minutes in total)

31 May to 3 June

Performance only (20mins) : Thu & Fri – 5pm & 7.30pm / Sat & Sun – 2.30pm & 5pm
Performance & workshop (1hr 20mins):Thu & Fri – 5pm / Sat & Sun – 2.30pm & 5pm

About Tof Théâtre
The award-winning Tof Théâtre, headed by master puppeteer Alain Moreau, was established in 1986 and celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Tof Theatre puppets can measure anywhere from 5 centimetres to 5 metres in height, sometimes designed for exclusively for adults, sometimes only for children and often for both. An adept of “miniature realism,” the Tof deconstructs the traditional techniques for manipulating puppets and lets the audience see how the puppeteer manipulates the puppet.

Sensing the Dark

Flipside 2018: Sensing the DarkA sonic, musical experience… in complete darkness!

This one-of-a-kind sensory experience features live music, vocals and ethereal soundscape in a journey of original music, classic tunes and subtle lighting effects. Put together by a team of veteran Singapore artists led by composer and music director Julian Wong.

Recommended for audiences aged 10 and above. Admission for ages 6 and above only.

Tickets available through www.esplanade.com/flipside and SISTIC.

Book Now!

Ticket Price
Sat 7.30pm & Sun & Tue (PH) 3pm: $35
Sun – Tue: 7.30pm: $28

26 to 29 May

Sat: 7.30pm
Sun: 3pm* & 7.30pm
Mon: 7.30pm*
Tue: 3pm* & 7.30pm
*These performances include a post-show talk.

Approximately 50 minutes, no intermission. No entry for late-comers & no re-admission once the performance starts.

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Event Information

Flipside 2018

Start date: 25/5/18 0:00
End date: 3/6/18 23:59

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