Flipside 2018: Dans l’Atelier & Chantier Frigolite

Flipside 2018: Dans l’Atelier & Chantier Frigolite
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A puppet slowly comes to life…by itself?

The mystery of puppet creation unfolds as mishap after mishap befalls the construction process. Not to be undone, the puppet decides to complete the project itself, struggling with the elements, its materials and even its own puppeteer! The award-winning Tof Theatre presents an experience that captivates and enlightens you on traditional puppetry techniques.

Add to your experience and take a stab at making styrofoam puppets of your own at the Chantier Frigolite (workshop). No guarantees that your puppet won’t come to life and take over the task!

Admission for ages 5 and above only for the performance.

Admission for ages 7 and above only for the performance & workshop.

Date: 31 May – 3 Jun 2018

Venue: Esplanade Annexe Studio

Performance only (20mins)
Thu & Fri: 5pm & 7.30pm*
Sat & Sun: 2.30pm & 5pm

Performance & Workshop (1hr 20mins)
Thu & Fri: 5pm
Sat & Sun: 2.30pm & 5pm

Ticket Price: $12 – $28


Event Information

Flipside 2018: Dans l’Atelier & Chantier Frigolite

Start date: 31/5/18 0:00
End date: 3/6/18 23:59

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