Exploring Oasis Terraces: Playgrounds, Hammocks & Spinning Sculptures

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Visiting Oasis Terraces at Punggol, it becomes apparent why the new integrated development is known as such. At the centre of the building, overlooking Punggol Waterway, is a multi-level, terraced outdoor area that rises from the ground level up to the sixth floor of the building. This outdoor area is also where the Oasis Terraces playgrounds are located.

Ascending the Terraces

Outdoor terraces at Oasis Terraces, PunggolFrom the ground level, a series of sloped switchbacks lead up the Oasis Terraces outdoor area. These not only make the ascent easier but also accessible for families with strollers. It is an interest and novel design which we liked.

The first deck is the Garden Cabana Deck. With verdant plants on either side of the path way, we felt as if we had stepped into a vertical garden or a modern-day Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Jumping Water JetsAscending further, we arrived at the Jumping Water Jets. Water fountains spouted up from glazed pots, creating a soothing bubbling sound.

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Hammock DeckOne level up is the Hammock Deck. With four netted hammocks, it is possible to literally “hang out” here and enjoy the view of the Punggol Waterway.

Above the Hammock Deck is the Rain Garden. The plants at the outdoor terrace area of Oasis Terraces also serve a cleansing function. The stormwater runs into the Rain Garden and gets filtered as it passes through the different soil layers.

Rain Garden's Kinetic SculptureThe Rain Garden is also home to an interesting kinetic sculpture. The yellow sculpture is powered by water and spins around (when it rains, presumably).

Oasis Terraces Playgrounds

Oasis Terraces’ playgrounds include dry and wet play areas.

Oasis Terraces PlaygroundsThe dry children’s playground at Oasis Terraces is quite modest. It consists of several teeter-totters and activity panels for young children. The playground is also accessible from the fourth floor of the shopping area.

Oasis Terraces’ wet children’s playgroundOne level above is Oasis Terraces’ wet children’s playground. This play area features spray tunnels, jets of water and a little wet play structure. When we visited, the water playground was cordoned off and we could not find any operating hours indicated nearby. A check with the information counter revealed that it only opens at specific times.

By now, we were nearing the top of Oasis Terraces.

Views from the Top

View from Oasis Terraces Rooftop GardenThe Rooftop Garden provides a good vantage point to view the Punggol Waterway and Coney Island Park in the distance.

Rooftop GardenIt is also home to the Muhibbah Gardens and an exercise area.

The many layers found at the Oasis Terraces outdoor gardens provide an interesting and unique recreational space for shoppers and those living in the vicinity.

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