ERP Rates To Be Suspended From 6 April 2020

ERP Rates To Be Suspended From 6 April 2020
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[Update on 4 April 2020: ERP charges to be suspended at all gantries from Monday, 6 April 2020 at 0000 hours in view of the elevated set of safe distancing measures. ERP charges will resume when these measures are lifted.]

No ERP? Looks like the COVID-19 outbreak isn’t the only exceptional event that is going to go down in the history annal for 2020.

ERP rates are typically reviewed every quarter by the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

In response to the current circumstances, the review has been bought forward and the following changes are to be implemented starting from 6 April 2020:

  • ERP rates at 96% of all gantries islandwide will be reduced suspended.
  • Gantries along expressways and arterial roads will see reductions of up to $2, with ERP charges at some gantries reduced to $0.
  • There will not be any ERP charges for vehicles entering the Orchard, Bugis-Marina Centre and Shenton Way-Chinatown cordons for all days of the week.

Below is the list of All gantries and cordons that will be free at all times.

ERP Rates To Be Reduced From 6 April 2020
Image Credit: Land Transport Authority

A full list can be found on the LTA’s website here.

This is not an encouragement to go out and misuse the change. All Singaporeans should continue to adhere to safe distancing measures and limit non-essential travel as much as possible.

We see the ERP reductions as a step that will further support Singaporeans who are unable to work from home due to the nature of their jobs. This will also benefit those who might be supporting workers in the healthcare sector or those who are sending and fetching kids to and from school.

We shouldn’t hope that this lasts for too long as the LTA will return to the usual ERP review process “when appropriate”, which hopefully is another way of indicating that the situation is a lot more stable.

Continue to be responsible, stay safe and stay in with us at Little Day Out!


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