Easter Egg Hunt & Colouring Activity

Easter Egg Hunt & Colouring Activity
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We hope that everyone is heeding the call to stay indoors and minimise any movement outdoors, as much as possible. Stay at home – seriously. Every one of us has a part to play during this circuit breaker period. The parks and the playgrounds can wait.

Since it is the Easter long weekend, we’ve decided to put together a colouring activity which can double up as an Easter egg hunt that you can do in the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is download and print out the Little Day Out activity sheet below.

Easter Egg Hunt Colouring Activity

This colouring sheet has been inspired by what a home might look like after several days of home-based learning. Just kidding. We’ve hidden 12 Easter eggs around the home. See if you can find all of them.

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Easter Egg Hunt & Colouring ActivityBesides the 12 Easter eggs, there are many other items scattered around the home. Here are some. See if you can spot them:

One sock
Toilet paper
Unicorn toy
Two shoes
One diamond
One paintbrush
A hamster
A loaf of bread
One cup of bubble tea
A remote control

You can also use the Easter egg hunt activity sheet to do a spot of colouring at home. If you do decide to colour it, we’d love to see how creative you got with your artwork! Mail it to us at hello@littledayout.com – just for the fun of it!

Remember to stay in and stay safe everyone.

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