Crowd Level Websites To Check On Supermarkets, Parks, Libraries & More

Crowd Levels Websites To Check In Supermarkets, Parks, Libraries & More
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Part of the new normal is staying a safe distance away from others while heading out. That is much more easily accomplished if there aren’t crowds around. That’s where Singapore crowd level websites which allow you to check on the number of people at a location come in handy.

Before heading out, check on the crowd levels in advance to avoid the masses and any unnecessary queuing. These crowd level websites allow you to plan a visit when the crowds are sparser.

Crowd Level Websites

Here are some useful crowd level websites that you can check on first before heading out.

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Check on the crowd levels at shopping malls and other locations around Singapore at the Space Out website by Urban Redevelopment Authority. The levels range from Not Crowded (denoted by a green symbol) to Max (a maroon pentagon).

You would definitely want to give Max spots a miss or plan to visit when there are fewer people around.

You can use it to display the crowd levels in four popular markets, supermarkets, post offices and sports facilities.


Safe Distance @ Parks

Safe Distance @ Parks

This website by National Parks Board allows you to check on the crowd level in the parks across Singapore. You can check which parks are experiencing high visitorship levels.

It a feature which allows you to check the parks within one or two kilometres.

Visit Safe Distance @ Parks.

Library Crowd Level

Library Crowd Level

Libraries have reopened on 1 July 2020. It is preferable to make a booking if you are planning to head down as there is limited capacity allowed into the library. If you do wish to head down, you can also check on the crowd level in the library in advance.

Visit the Library Crowd Level website.

Daiso Crowd Status

Daiso Crowd Status - crowd level websites

Daiso is the go-to spot for those who love a bargain. This has led to queues forming outside the stores as the number of customers allowed in to the store is restricted. However, if you wish to avoid the queues, check ahead using the Daiso crowd status website.

It is updated every two hours and provides guidance on when the peak periods usually are in the stores.

Visit Daiso Crowd Status.

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