55 Candy Riddles For Kids

Candy Riddles For Kids
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Who doesn’t love a sweet, sweet brain teaser? If you are looking for something really sweet, you can’t go wrong with candy riddles for kids. These little treats and nuggets of information are great fun for little ones to test their skills of thinking outside the box. 

In our family, we love candy riddles for kids. They are so much fun and are a great way to incorporate in a bit of silly humour together with a little bit of guessing. That’s why we always enjoy pulling out one of these riddles for the kids

These sweet riddles are great as brain teasers. We would often try out these candy riddles during car rides too. They are fun challenges for the kids to attempt. We think that you will also love these candy games and, guess what, you may even want to try them out at your next party too.

Ready for some exciting candy riddles? Here we go! 

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Sweet Candy Riddles for Kids

Sweet Candy Riddles for Kids

Q: Why did the boy put candy under his pillow?
A: Because he wanted to have sweet dreams.

Q: What is a monkey’s favourite type of cookie?
A: Chocolate chimp.

Q: Why didn’t the ghost eat his candy?
A: Because he didn’t have the stomach for it.

Q: Where do ghosts buy their candy corn?
A: At the ghostery store!

Q: What do you call candy that was stolen?
A: Hot chocolate.

Q: What is an alien’s favourite chocolate bar?
A: A Mars bar.

Q: What do you call candy that sneers at other types of candy?
A: Snickers

Q: How do programmers like their candy?
A: Byte-sized.

Q: What do you call candy at the beach?
A: Sandy corn!

Q: What type of worms do kids like to bite into?
A: Gummy worms.

Q: I am a food that is so sweet
I am a a red and white holiday treat.
What am I?
A: Candy cane

Q: What is black and sticky?
A: Licorice.

Q: What do you get when you dip a kitten in chocolate?
A: A Kitty Kat bar.

Q: What candy loves to rap?
A: M & M’s

Q: Which does the magician candy perform?
A: Twix

Q: What is the most clumsy candy of all?
A: Butterfinger.

Q: What do you call a sheep dipped in chocolate?
A: A candy baa.

Q: What candy bar is like the red planet?
A: Mars bar.

Q: What is a baseball player’s favourite candy?
A: Baby Ruth.

Q: What kind of candy does a zombie refuse to eat?
A: Lifesavers.

More Fun Candy Riddles

More Fun Candy Riddles

Q: What kind of beans don’t grow in garden?
A: Jelly beans.

Q: What do you call a candy cane with a sharpened point?
A: A spearmint.

Q: Where Earth can be found?
A: Milky Way.

Q: What candy resembles a small hill?
A: Mounds.

Q: What do you call a crab that doesn’t share his candy?
A: A sellfish shellfish.

Q: What candy do kids eat at the playground?
A: Recess pieces.

Q: What country do candy go to for a holiday?
A: Sweeten.

Q: I purchased two different pieces of candy. In total, they cost $1.10. One candy cost one dollar more than the other candy. What was the price of each piece of candy?
A: One was $0.05, and the other was $1.05.

Q: I am a stick stuck to a ball of sweetness. What am I?
A: Lollipop.

Q: Why did the man keep reloading the picture of the candy cane on his phone at the party?
A: He was in charge of refresh mints.

Q: What candy is a happy nut?
A: Almond Joy.

Q: What candy do employees like the most?
A: Pay Day.

Q: What type of candy is never on time?
A: ChocoLATE

Q: What kind of bars won’t keep a prisoner in jail?
A: Chocolate bars

Q: If you took 5 chocolates from a box which contained 21 chocolates, how many chocolates would you have?
A: 5. You took 5. 

Q: What do chocolate and coffee have in common?
A: They are both better rich!

Q: There’s white and milk and dark: three types you might eat.
As a type of candy, it really can’t be beat.
What is it?
A: Chocolate.

Q: What do you call Chewbacca when fell into a vat of candy pieces?
A: Chocolate Chip Wookiee.

Q: What do you call a candy cane with markings?
A: A measure-mint device.

Q: What’s red, white, and blue?
A: A very sad candy cane.

Q: What is a candy animal that you have to build?
A: Kit Kat.

Even More Candy Riddles that Kids will Enjoy

Even More Candy Riddles that Kids will Enjoy

Q: What do you call a bear with no teeth?
A: A gummy bear.

Q: What candy has two female pronouns?
A: Hershey’s

Q: I have stripes but Im not a zebra
I look like a hook but have nothing to do with fishing
Im normally red and white but Im not the Canadian flag
I can be eaten but Im not a strawberry jelly sandwich
Im minty but Im the opposite of toothpaste
What am I?
A: A candy cane!

Q: I am most popular on Valentine’s Day. What am I?
A: Chocolate

Q: What is a dentist’s worst nightmare?
A: A lion that loves candy.

Q: What’s the most popular sweet at the North Pole?
A: Ice crispy treats.

Q: I’m sometimes dark but I’m not a room with curtains
I sometimes contain peanut butter but I’m not a sandwich
I’m sometimes melted but I’m not an ice cube
I’m sometimes a bar but I’m not made of metal
I’m sometimes in cookies but I’m not a raisin
I’m sometimes a chip but I’m not made of potato.
What am I?
A: Chocolate.

Q: What candy is made up for three swashbucklers?
A: Three Musketeers Bar.

Q: You might look just like a shepherd
If you hold a big one of me
What am I?
A: Candy cane

Q: What does Bigfoot say when he ask for candy at Halloween?
A: Trick-or-feet.

Q: What kind of beans grow in the Easter Bunny’s garden?
A: Jelly beans!

Q: What two letters can you use to spell the word candy?
A: C and Y.

Q: I’m a candy that is very sticky. It can blow bubbles. You chew it, but don’t swallow. What am I?
A: Bubble gum.

Q: I’m a candy that looks like a cloud. I come on a stick and I dissolve in your mouth. What am I?
A: Cotton candy.

A group of men walks into a candy store. There are two fathers and two sons. They each buy a candy bar for 50 cents. The total for all of the candy bars was $1.50. How is that possible?
A: They were a grandfather, a father, and a son.

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