Band Weekend Day 2

Band Weekend Day 2
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From concert bands to wind orchestras, saxophone ensembles to brass quintets, join us at Band Weekend as part of Cool Classics on 15 & 16 Feb 2020 to experience the vibrancy and diversity of local brass and wind bands in their various configurations and styles.

Esplanade Festival Corner
Experience music composed for smaller woodwind ensembles at the Esplanade Festival Corner performed by Phil Youth Clarinet Ensemble and Novo Saxophone Quartet.

5.45pm (15min): Phil Youth Clarinet Ensemble
6.05pm (15min): Novo Saxophone Quartet

Pop-up Stage (Esplanade Courtyard)
Join us at the Pop-up Stage to catch performances by smaller brass ensembles with the likes of Nanyang Polytechnic Brass Ensemble, Novo Trombone Ensemble, Singapore Tuba Quartet and Brassissimo Brass Quintet.

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5.20pm (20 min): Nanyang Polytechnic Brass Ensemble
5.40pm (20 min): Novo Trombone Ensemble
6.30pm (30 min): Singapore Tuba Quartet
7.30pm (20 min): Brassissimo Brass Quintet
7.55pm (20 min): Singapore Tuba Quartet
8.45pm (30 min): Brassissimo Brass Quintet

Singapore Oboe Band
6.30pm & 7.15pm (30 mins)
Esplanade Concourse

Join the Singapore Oboe Band as they present a programme inspired by the colours of music. Using Toshio Mashima’s Reflet De Couleurs as a starting point, the ensemble will take audiences on a musical journey that explores the wonderful sounds, exuberant rhythms and diverse moods that oboes and English horns can evoke.

Tomodachi Winds
8.00pm & 8.45pm (30 mins)
Esplanade Concourse

Tomodachi Winds’ Flute Quartet will present a repertoire of light-hearted music from Disney favourites to flute classics.

The Philharmonic Winds
6.00pm & 7.00pm (30 mins)
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Conducted by Mr. Daniel Yiau, The Philharmonic Winds will be presenting an evening of Classic Band repertory, and hot favourites from Pop to Metal.

Novo Winds
8.15pm & 9.15pm (30 mins)
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Novo Winds will be performing an array of Mandopop music, with songs by the likes of Eric Chou, Jay Chou and Mayday. Another highlight of their setlist will be a piece featuring four soloists on the shen, erhu, dizi and suona, who will be performing popular modern hits.


Event Information

Band Weekend Day 2

Start date: 16/2/20 0:00
End date: 16/2/20 23:59

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