A Very Special Walk 2021: Support The Singapore Autism Resource Centre

A Very Special Walk
Image: A Very Special Walk Instagram
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An event organised by the Singapore Autism Resource Centre, A Very Special Walk 2021is a virtual charity walk in support of persons on the autism spectrum. With the theme “Challenge for Change”, funds raised will go towards supporting programmes and services that the Autism Resource Centre offers to empower their beneficiaries to lead meaningful and independent lives.

Unlike other charity virtual walks, those who wish to participate don’t have to limit themselves to participating by doing physical activities like walking or running. A Very Special Walk invites participants to create their own challenges that fit into any of the four challenge categories that one can sign up for. There are specific ideas that are given for each category on their website too.

Challenge Catagories In A Very Special Walk 2021

The first category is Active. Participants can come up with physical challenges such as running, walking, biking work-out challenges.

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The second is Creative, where participants can challenge themself with creative activities such as singing, dancing, sculpture making, or even fashion.

The third category is one that everyone can participate in – Kindness. Challenges in this category involve spreading a little kindness such as complimenting someone, helping to carry heavy grocery bags, hold the lift door and more.

Lastly, the Custom Challenge category allows participants to customise a unique challenge that best suits their ability and schedule. Some examples given in this category include starting a social project, making positive Tik Toks and more.

These challenges can be done during a 21-day timeframe from 1 to 21 June 2021.

How to participate in A Very Special Walk 2021

Participants can register at https://avsw.autism.org.sg to participate in A Very Special Walk individually or as a team. The signup period is from 17 May to 20 June 2021 and the challenge period will be 1 June to 21 June 2021. Online donations will be accepted from 17 May to 31 July 2021.

Full details can be found at the A Very Special Walk 2021 website here.

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