3 Days 2 Nights Only: Bee Hotels At Community Garden Festival 2019

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Pop-up hotels have sprung up at Jurong Lake Gardens, but there is a catch, they are for bees only.

For three-days, two-nights, several bee hotels have been setup at the Community Garden Festival’s Outdoor Display. Found at the “Present Singapore” section of the themed display, the bee hotels are a way to attract solitary bees like carpenter and leafcutter bees. They reflect the move towards a biophilic City in a Garden, where people and nature co-exist closely together.

While bees often get a bad rep, perhaps because of cartoon images of a swarm of bees flying an arrow formation for a target, the flying insects do play an important in the eco-system by helping pollinate the flowers as they move about.

Bee Hotels at Community Garden Festival 2019

Even though the bee hotels at the Community Garden Festival 2019 are only temporary, they are still pretty nice “digs”.

The choice of accommodation includes …


Shang Bee La Hotel… the Shang Bee La Hotel,

Siloso Bee Resort… Siloso Bee Resort, and

St Bee-gis Hotel… St Bee-gis Hotel.

a04 bee hotelsAnd, it’s not just set up for solitary bees either.

More Buzz

Bee hotels on the Bee TrailWhile the bee hotels at Community Garden Festival 2019 are temporary, you can find more permanent bee hotels along HortPark’s Bee Trail.

Or learn more about the amazing life bees from Singapore’s own beekeeper, John Chong.