Future Makers Exhibition at Science Centre Singapore: Explore Engineering Innovations While Saving the World

Robots with screens

Future Makers exhibition, Science Centre Singapore’s new permanent exhibition, celebrates engineering and its significant impact on our society and world today. Showcasing the wide variety of problems faced and solved by engineers ranging from clean energy generation to developing plant-based burger patties, Future Makers breaks the misconception of engineering as dull, technical and construction-based. Future Makers embraces the heart of engineering- creativity and a passion to solve the problems that plague our world today, encouraging visitors to think and realise that they too can be the engineers of tomorrow.

With five themed zones featuring over 15 new interactive exhibits, here’s a rundown on what to expect when you visit the Future Makers Exhibition.

Zone 1: Atrium

Manual liftWondering how to get to the entrance of the exhibition? Try hand-cranking your way up using the manual elevator at the Atrium. The humble lift- a vital necessity that most of us take for granted is also a great engineering feat. Invented more than 2,500 years ago by Archimedes, a Greek mathematician, our lifts today are highly engineered machines that safely transport passengers using strong cables, kudos to engineers.

Zone 2: Object Theatre

Robots with coloured screensOne highlight of the Future Makers exhibition is the Object Theatre. The stars of the show are four industrial robotic arms each carrying a large format screen that displays individual, coordinated images that jump virtually from screen to screen. Together, the robotic arms seamlessly display a large cohesive video that introduces and explains the story of modern engineering. The brainchild of American robotics designer Andy Flessa (andyRobot), this RoboScreen® technology has revolutionalised the entertainment world, amping up the performance and fun factor for the likes of Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga. Be sure not to miss this extraordinary, one-of-a-kind showcase that will leave you marvelling at the wonders of robotic engineering.

Zone 3: Interactive Exhibitions on Modern Engineering

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Exhibition with rocket modelZone 3 consists of five modules set to the themes of Big Things, Life & Leisure, Body Builders, Going Places and Making Change. With a total of 15 interactive exhibits, each module explores modern engineering problems across different industries. Big Things explores the importance of engineering in mega structures such as the Marina Barrage, Life & Leisure looks at engineering’s impact in food and fashion and Body Builders showcases the importance of biotechnological-bioengineering inventions in drug development. Going Places focuses on the seemingly limitless possibilities of travel while Making Change highlights the transformative power of engineering such as allowing communities access to potable water.

Each module has different interactive challenges for young visitors to put on their engineering caps and solve. Upon successfully cracking the interactive features, participants will unlock all the secret codes they need to successfully complete their mission, a fun challenge in the Future Makers exhibition.

Zone 4: Drone-Rover Arena

Man flying droneIf you’ve ever wished to fly a drone, here’s your lucky chance. The Drone-Rover Area is a specially-designed indoor-outdoor space for visitors to try their hand navigating drones through various obstacles.

Zone 5: Escape Room

Inside a space shuttleArmed with the five secret codes, make your way to the Escape Room, a crashed spacecraft that is the final zone of the exhibition. Using the codes and your problem-solving wits, repair and reactivate the crashed spacecraft to save the world from an alien invasion.

Lit-up SignboardThe Future Makers exhibition opens today, 18 June 2019 at the Science Centre Singapore, Hall G on Level 2. For admission to Future Makers and up to six different gated attractions at Science Centre Singapore, purchase the all-in-one Dino-Mite Passes and enjoy savings up to 40% either online or onsite at Science Centre Singapore’s ticketing counters. Tickets start at $33 (for Singaporeans and PRs).

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