Jubilee Park: Family-Friendly Recreational Space And Fort Canning Park Playground

Jubilee Park: Family-Friendly Recreational Space And Fort Canning Park Playground

Nowadays, when most people think of Fort Canning Park, play isn’t the first thought that comes to mind. “Is there even a Fort Canning Park playground?” some may ask, and now with Jubilee Park, the answer is, “Yes.”

Jubilee Park, located on the western slopes of Fort Canning Park, is a family-friendly, recreational space. It occupies the spot where the National Theatre previously stood. It is a also throwback to a time when recreational facilities like the Van Kleef Aquarium and the River Valley Swimming Pool used to be found in the vicinity.

The name Jubilee Park comes from the King George V Jubilee Park, a space which existed from 1935 to 1972.

Fort Canning Park Playground – Nature At Play

Today’s Jubilee Park is home to the Fort Canning Park Playground, a nature playground where kids get to enjoy play equipment that blends into the environment.

Fort Canning Park Playground – Nature At PlayA series of logs, laid out in an almost-scattered fashion serves as a fun wooden bridge for kids to climb along in a test of balance.

Swings at Jubilee ParkSwings set out in a circular formation allow kids to “catch some air”. Amongst the swings at the Fort Canning Park Playground at Jubilee Park are bucket swings for young children and a ring-shaped swing.

Two inclusive swings have been provided for wheelchair users too.

Other play equipment at the Fort Canning Park Playground include seesaws and wobble boards, some of which can accommodate up to four persons at a time.

Climbing Net at Fort Canning ParkA netted play structure – designed for walking, not jumping – is gives kids a reason to get on all fours to climb and play.

Slides Built Into the Slopes

Slope PlaygroundTaking a leaf from the slides at the Admiralty Park playground, Jubilee Park’s playground also has slides which make use of the hilly terrain. If kids need any incentive to make the climb up the slopes of Fort Canning Hill, these slides should do it.

Slides at Jubilee Park Playground, Fort Canning ParkThere are straight slides and those with curves too.

Hideout at the playground, Fort Canning ParkAnother feature at playground located at Jubilee Park is a little hideout. Reachable only by a rope bridge, kids can head to this cosy little platform to survey the playground below.

Wading Pool at the Forbidden Spring

Wading Pool at the Forbidden SpringFor those wish to explore more can make their way up the slope of Fort Canning Hill to reach Pancur Larangan or Forbidden Spring. This is a recreation of the legendary spring where the ladies of the ancient courts bathed.

While you can no longer bath there, there is a small wading pool with jets of water that the kids can wander into.

Welcome, Jubilee Park

There will be also be further enhancements to the existing buildings found at the Foothills, commencing in the third quarter of 2019.

With all these developments, Jubilee Park at Fort Canning Park is a welcomed spot in the city that families will enjoy. It is located opposite Liang Court and Fort Canning MRT station.

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