Confinement Food Delivery Services In Singapore

Confinement Food Delivery Services In Singapore

Although confinement seems like an outdated practice, studies have shown that dedicating time for physical recovery following childbirth helps a new mother tremendously in many ways.

Given that pregnancy and childbirth take a great toll on the body, a new mother needs plenty of rest and good food to regain lost blood and essential minerals, such as calcium and iron. A good diet rich in nutrients will also help lactating mothers with milk production.

Before I gave birth to my daughter, I’d decided that I wasn’t going to engage a confinement nanny but I knew I’d need to eat! So, I figured having my confinement meals delivered to my doorstep was the way to go, and it sure reduced a lot of my postpartum stress since cooking was the last thing on my mind while caring for a newborn!

Confinement Food Delivery Services In Singapore

Here are 5 home delivery services you can consider or recommend to soon-to-be mummies in need of confinement food!

Chilli Padi Group

Credit: Chilli Padi Group
Credit: Chilli Padi Group

Singaporeans are no strangers to Chilli Padi, one of the most established names in the local catering business. If you’re partial to Peranakan dishes, then Chilli Padi is the perfect confinement caterer for you!

From Grilled Salmon Fillet with Mirin Sauce, to Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup & Shabu Shabu with XO wine, these Asian-inspired confinement dishes are carefully prepared by Chilli Padi’s experienced chefs to ensure great tasting meals that are low in salt and fat, but high in nutritional value.

We love that Chilli Padi’s confinement dishes do not contain any MSG and are packed with ingredients such as Black Fungus and Goji Berries, vital for postpartum recovery.

Two weeks worth of one meal a day (lunch or dinner only) will set you back $447.


Natal Essentials

Credit: Natal Essentials
Credit: Natal Essentials

Natal Essentials are specialists in postnatal care and confinement food since March 2002. With a focus on helping new mums recuperate and regain strength through healthy confinement meals, Natal Essentials’ chefs make sure to pack your meals with ingredients that are essential to postpartum recovery.

Ingredients such as Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs, Chinese wine, ginger, and sesame oil are used in a menu made up mostly of traditional Chinese confinement food.

With signature dishes such as Pig Tripe Peppercorn Soup and Braised Chicken in Homemade Glutinous Wine, it’s no wonder they remain a firm favourite amongst new mothers in Singapore.

Prices start at $447.16 for seven days of lunch and dinner.



Credit: NouRiche
Credit: NouRiche

NouRiche by the RichFood Group has been serving confinement food for over a decade now. With Chef Gordon Wang at the helm, NouRiche makes sure to choose the best combination of herbs to use in their confinement meals so as to optimise the health benefits to new mothers.

Never compromising on taste, you can expect dishes such as Sheng Hua Tonic with Pork Ribs and Lotus Seeds Soup in your very first week of meals from NouRiche by the RichFood Group. At the same time, every confinement meal is accompanied by a large portion of Homemade Red Date Longan Tea.

Not only does NouRiche offer a Vegan confinement menu, they are also quite accommodating when it comes to requests such as omitting a specific ingredient like pork, or  seafood.

NouRiche’s Amber Meal Package – which consists of only one-meal a day – starts at $437.63.


Sizzling Dyyana 


Credit: Sizzling Dyyana
Credit: Sizzling Dyyana

Sizzling Dyyana is a halal-certified confinement meal delivery service, run by Dyyana Awang who prepares and delivers your meals from her home kitchen.

After visiting the wet market daily, Dyyana will inform you of the menu, based on what’s fresh at the market that day!

Think Pan-Fried Salmon with Brown Rice one day, and Thai Green Curry Black Snapper with Red Rice the next. To finish the meal off, you will get to enjoy her lactation-friendly home bakes that are yummy and nutritious.

We hear that organic ingredients are used as far as possible, and there’s no MSG or deep-fried items in Dyyanas’s confinement menu.

A 10-day package of lunch and dinner will cost you $450, inclusive of delivery charge.


Tian Wei Signature

Credit: Tian Wei Signature
Credit: Tian Wei Signature

New mums who would like to keep traditional confinement meals to the bare minimum may enjoy Tian Wei Signature’s balanced meal offerings of time-honoured confinement classics like Braised Pig Trotters in Black Vinegar, and a variety of modern dishes such as Coq Au Vin and Seared Salmon with Cauliflower Cream and Tri-Coloured Grains.

Fired by the understanding that good confinement meals are essential in boosting the postpartum mood, Tian Wei Signature believes that a twist in regular confinement meals will help to whet the new mother’s appetite and keep her eating well and healthily! Happy Mother, Happy Baby!

If you’re looking to go the whole nine yards with your confinement, consider adding on a month’s worth of Bath Herbs for your daily showers.

A seven-day package of lunch and dinner will set you back $448.


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