Premium Japan Farmers Market: Produce Direct from Japan

Premium Japan Farmers Market

If you love Japanese snack and goodies, you may wish to take note of the Premium Japan Farmers Market which opened on 22 September at Changi Airport Terminal 3.

Premium Japan Farmers Market, Changi Airport T3Located at the Departure Level, along the row of shops close to the skytrain, Premium Japan Farmers Market sells produce from Japan that is otherwise hard-to-find in Singapore.

Chiller section at Premium Japan Farmers MarketTrue to its name, the store takes a boutique approach toward stocking its shelves. Instead of being stocked with tons of cutesy-looking goodies, it carries a curated selection of snacks, drinks and even fresh produce and frozen meats such as Wagyu beef (you can get an ice-pack to keep the meat chilled on the way home from the airport).

Sake section at Premium Japan Farmers MarketThe range of items for sale includes ready-to-eat GO-ZEN bento sets and a selection of sakes which includes fruit-flavoured varieties.

We gave a few snacks from Premium Japan Farmers Market a try.

Choccottu – Brownsugar and Chocolate & Brownsugar and Salted Chocolate

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Brown sugar confectionThis brown sugar confection from Okinawa comes in two flavours, the original brown sugar and chocolate in a red packet and brown sugar and salted chocolate in a blue packet.

Brown sugar candyThe chocolate itself comes as crumbed granules. A word of caution, as its name suggests, Choccottu is uber-sweet. You’d probably want to take this in small portions. It is probably best to reserve this candy for days when you need a super-sugar power up.

Smoked Japanese Sandfish

Dried Japanese SnacksAccording to the lady at Premium Japan Farmers Market, there are several dried snacks that are popular in Japan at the moment. These include “Dried Firefly Squid”, “Dried Blackthroat Seaperch” and “Smoked Japanese Sandfish”.

Smoked Japanese SandfishWe gave the Smoked Japanese Sandfish a try. This comprises of the entire fish, sans head. It had a nice smokey flavour and is similar to jerky (but less hard and chewy).

Fried Honey Dough Cookie & Fried Cheese Dough Cookie

Fried cookiesThe Fried Honey Dough and Fried Cheese Dough Cookies are thin cookie strips. Deep-fried, the cookies are hard and crunchy. The cheese flavour in the Fried Cheese Dough Cookie was very subtle. Covered with a sugary coating, they are both “munchable”, albeit slight too sweet for our liking.

Perhaps, next time, we will give the other produce or the GO-ZEN bento sets at Premium Japan Farmers Market a try.

Premium Japan Farmers Market is a collaboration between ADIRECT Singapore, a Japanese food distributor in Singapore, and Zen-Noh International, a Japanese exporters of Japanese agri-products.

Premium Japan Farmers Market

Changi Airport Terminal 3, Departure Check-in Hall (Public Area) #94

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