Editor’s Blog: Love for Reading and Nature


How are the holidays going so far for you and your family? We trust that you’re having a great time and treasuring the moments together.

Led by the events of the week, we took a natural dive into two good habits that we should inculcate in our kids – the love for nature and the love for reading.

By bringing Jay out and about to “Snap Your Little Day Out”, we had the wonderful chance to see the smiles of many families enjoying their time together in various ways at the parks, and we bring you more insight into West Coast Park, where great adventure awaits.

At the unveiling of Read! Singapore 2013 yesterday, the spotlight shone on the youths who translated their love for reading into a list of 24 books specially for younger readers.

And with the launch of the world’s first green library, My Tree House, last Friday, there is now a place for kids to gain greater environmental literacy and grow in both these areas!

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If you’re at the stage where you have a young child clamouring for you to read the same story to him/her multiple times a night, do keep on going!

One father we know still cozies up and reads occasionally to his son, now aged 15, and they both enjoy it. Yes, 15 – the very age where a digital device and every other distraction is more enticing. It warms our heart to know the strong bonds they have developed through the years through this simple activity together.

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