Winners of The Little Red Hen Contest

Winners of The Little Red Hen Contest

Contest winners, Jess and Yvonne, both took their children to watch I Theatre’s The Little Red Hen at the Drama Centre on Saturday, 9 March. We are happy that they enjoyed the drama production together and caught up with the two mummies to get their take on what they love doing with their kids around Singapore.

Little Day Out: Where are your favourite places around Singapore to bring your kids to and why?
Yvonne: Singapore Botanic Gardens as it is such a beautiful spacious space with lush greenery and flora where adults and kids alike can interact closely with nature. We also enjoy the Marina Barrage as it a great open space to kite-and-people-watch. Kite-flying has become one of our family’s favourite activity! In addition, we also love the East Coast Park. It has endless possibilities such as cycling, prawning, swimming, picnicking, camping… everyone just loves to be by the sea!
Jess: Punggol WaterwayEast Coast ParkPasir Ris ParkeXplorerKid because they like to run around and play in playground. We enjoy walking around the park together as a family for bonding and quality time.
Yvonne shared further, “Kids have boundless energy in their little bodies, and they need to engage in activities to work off all these excess energy which would otherwise make them restless and grumpy. Having little day outs help in making them happy and well-adjusted kids, which in turn makes us happy parents. Of course the interaction helped in enhancing parent-child bonding and communication.”
We couldn’t agree more!

YvonneContest winner – Yvonne and her family at The Little Red Hen.

JessContest winner – Jess and her children at The Little Red Hen.

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