Chinese New Year Activity Sheets

chinese new year

Thanks to Chinese New Year, it is a long weekend!

Looking for something to keep your friends’ children busy while the adults get to catch up or want something to keep your kids occupied over the long holiday break?

Simply download Little Day Out’s Chinese New Year themed activity sheets from Little Day Out Shop!

We have prepared 9 Chinese New Year themed activity sheets – colouring sheets, puzzles and even a craft activity, ready-made for young once to create their very own lantern.

With all these fun activities, you can keep little fingers busy!

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DANCE GENRES: Jazz, Ballet, Latin Dancesport, Zumba, Hip Hop...all in One Dance Camp!

FLY HIGH: Movement X, Parkour and Martial Arts for Superfly Kids!

Here are two examples of the Chinese New Year Activity Sheets:


Lion Dance Colouring Sheet


The Words of Spring


Buy your very own Chinese New Year themed activity sheets from Little Day Out Shop now!

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