14 Creative Easter Eggs That Prove The World Is Not A Boring Place

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Easter eggs are normally decorated in bright colours. But if the traditionally decorated Easter eggs are too plain for you, here are 14 amazingly creative Easter eggs that you have to see.

1. Egg-moji


2. Prickled Eggs


3. Cute!


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4. No Planet is Safe

That’s no Easter Egg

5. Whose Egg is That, Doctor?

My friend made some AWESOME Doctor Who Easter Eggs. Here is her TARDIS egg. Enjoy!

6. Now That’s What I Call a REAL Chocolate Egg

Biggest chocolate easter egg

7. Adorable Chicks


8. Looking smart indeed

So work said Decorate an Easter egg or else, this is my submission

9. Egg-pressionistic

Starry Night easter egg

10. We NEED these jumbo-sized Kinder eggs!

In Germany they sell adult sized kinder eggs at Easter (Passport for scale)

11. Got to Hatch ‘Em All

No better way to celebrate Easter than to decorate some eggs.

12. The Way of the Ninja


13. Anyone else feeling hungry?


14. We salute this Dad

This Dad is A Hero, Dad Creates Beeping Easter Eggs For Blind Daughter To Hunt


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