Treasure Mother Nature Little Day Out at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park!


In celebration of Children’s Day, Little Day Out organised a Treasure Mother Nature Little Day Out! Held at Pond Gardens at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, we had a total of 26 children and 26 adults at our very first outing and we literally got our feet wet!

Here’s why. As the group disembarked from the bus, several interesting structures at the Adventure Playground greeted their awestruck eyes. The children could hardly contain their excitement. And neither could the skies! Little droplets of water gave way to larger ones and we immediately ushered one and all to the nearby shelter.

Bishan Park

However, come rain or shine, we were still determined to enjoy our Little Day Out! Thinking fast on the spot, we activated our contingency plans and changed our station games to a group game.

The shelter we were at was a good vantage point of the entire Lotus Pond. After introducing the children to the lotus plant and its uses, showing them the actual muddy lotus root and letting them sniff at the fragrant dried lotus leaf, we proceeded with our first game!

Little Day Out

Here’s how to pass on slices of raw cut lotus root using a single chopstick!

Little Day Out

A mother and child taking cover from the rain joined our group for a slice of the action too!

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As the rain began to pour relentlessly, we went on to our next course of action…

Little Day Out

The treasure hunt continued at the void deck opposite the Park!

Little Day Out

And hooray, the outdoor picnic became an indoor one!

Little Day Out

The children showed their appreciation of the lesson on lotuses by chomping on the roots and slurping up extra helpings of our delicious home-cooked lotus root soup.

And just in time, after we all had a satisfying McDonalds lunch, the skies cleared and you should be able to guess where we were headed next…

Little Day Out

Yes, back to the adventure playground. The children certainly crossed the bridge when they came to it!

Little Day Out

And scaled new heights just like Spiderman!

Little Day Out

And had a whale of the time at sliding down!

Little Day Out

Little Day Out

Before we knew it, time was up and we gathered at a great place for a group photo of our Little Day Out.

Little Day Out

Here are some of the comments from the adults who attended the Little Day Out:

  • “Thank you Little Day Out for organising the outing. The children had so much fun playing the games planned even though it rained.”
  • “It was good to see the children enjoy themselves. It reminds us of the simplicity of childlike enjoyment which we, as adults, can learn from.”
  • “I’m very happy the kids had a great time. More than anything, it was being served in love. I think their happy smiles speak loudly enough.”

We were so happy that everyone enjoyed the Little Day Out despite the downpour!

If you have any questions for us about our Little Day Out, please feel free to email us at We’d love to help you have many more great Little Day Outs!

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