Wishes Café: Chilling Over Ice Cream At MacPherson

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Located just a short walk from MacPherson MRT, Wishes Café transports you out of the hot sun and into a relaxing café environment with ice cream and sakura blossoms.

Wishes Come True

Wishes Cafe, MacPherson which serves ice creamWith soft music playing in the background, charging ports and free wifi, Wishes Café won us over as a perfect place to meet up or even finish some work. Besides its comfy and conducive environment, and helpful staff, it is also a spot where you can chill out with a scoop of ice cream in hand.

Ice Cream at MacPherson

Ice Cream at Wishes Cafe, MacPhersonWith a total of 12 flavours, the ice cream at Wishes Café is freshly churned in-house. Popular flavours include Lychee Rose, Caramel Swirl, Tiramisu and Cookies and Cream. We sampled all of it and ordered a scoop of the Tiramisu as well as a Lychee Rose with the crispy buttermilk waffle. The Cookies and Cream flavour is worth mentioning too. Evenn ion the small sample scoop that we had, there was a generous piece of cookie that satisfied.

Tiramisu Ice CreamAdmittedly, we might be a little biased towards ice creams with a hint of alcohol, but the Tiramisu was pretty on point when it came to it being the ice cream version of the dessert. The texture of the gelato at Wishes Café was creamy, not too icy nor too sweet. Each flavour we tried really shone through without it being overpowered by any sugary ice cream base.

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Buttermilk WafflesWishes Café might be one of the few cafes in Singapore that has found the secret to a great crispy buttermilk waffle.

We were very impressed with how it held true to its name and was crispy up to the very last bite! Buttery and light, we’d be happy to come back here to have this again.

We paired the waffle with the lychee rose gelato. This reminded us of the local pink drink, Bandung, with small lychee bits in it. We found it pleasing to both the palate and the eyes.

Other items on the menu include light bites like croissant sandwiches with fillings such as truffle egg mayo and tuna mayo, as well as baked mid wings and truffle fries. They also serve a selection of coffee and tea.

Wishes Cafe

Wishes Café

Where: Block 36 Circuit Road, #01-414, Singapore 370036


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