Where To Buy Affordable Children’s Day Gifts And Birthday Party Favours

affordable childrens day gifts
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Children’s Day celebrates childhood and all the wonderful things that come along with it. If you are a teacher, parent or caregiver who wishes to give your young charges something simple to commemorate the day, you may be looking for places where you can find a variety of affordable gifts to choose from. here are some places where you can pick up budget-friendly Children’s Day gifts. These are also wonderful places for party favours and simple presents.

Where to Get Affordable Children’s Day Gifts And Birthday Party Favours in Singapore

1. Shopee

Stationary Set Shopee
Image: Shopee

One of the biggest online retailers in Singapore, Shopee is a great place that you can visit to find deals starting at less than $1! If you time your purchases right, there are sometimes flash deals that allow you to save even more.

Some items that make good and affordable Children’s Day gifts include stationery and stationery sets. For example, you can also get stationery set consisting of a pencil. An eraser, a ruler, sharpener, and a wallet at just $1.50!

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2. Qoo10

LED Light Qoo10
Image: Qoo10

Qoo10 is another mega online retailer that sells fun gifts that kids are sure to enjoy such as slime, stationery and more. For Children’s Day, you can find a variety of listings with attractive promotions which make it a great place to find affordable Children’s Day gifts and party favours.

One offer that caught our eye was a 3-in-1 starry nightlight projector. It can be used as a light, a music box or Bluetooth speaker. There are also affordable slime kits that you can get for any slime-loving kid.

3. Middle Road Party Shops

Middle Road Party Shops: Party Supplies, Gifts & Decorations

What used to be located in Concourse Beach Road, the three shops, Party & Gifts, Heart Link and AZ Gift & Trading have been in the “party supply business” for years.
If you’re looking for party sold in bulk at discounted prices, you won’t be disappointed if you give this place a visit. Read more here.

4. One Dollar Only

One Dollar Only Notebook
Image: One Dollar Only

Like the name suggests, the One Dollar Only online store has a variety of adorable stationery, puzzles and games that you can get for your kid. Free delivery is given to orders above $70.

If you are looking to get a customised gift for Children’s Day or your child’s birthday party, One Dollar Only has the option to let you personalise a series of items such as lunch boxes, drawstring bags and more with a logo or artwork of choice!

5. Daiso

Daiso VivoCity

Got $2? From toys to party needs and even mini stitching kits, there are lots of trinkets that can be found and used as party favours at Daiso. Other than carrying affordable Children’s Day gifts, if you want to spice up any gathering, Daiso also carries disposable cutlery with a variety of graphics and designs. Just don’t get too carried away shopping for yourself.

6. Don Don Donki

Don Don Donki Snacks
Image: Don Don Donki Facebook

With nine different outlets around Singapore, Don Don Donki carries snacks, drinks and toys that are sure to delight any kid. Find unique Japanese snacks and drinks sold in bulk. Other unique products that you can find include popping cooking kits which are DIY Candy kits that one can use to make realistic looking foods and eat them after!

7. Amazon

twitch prime game

Offering free delivery with Amazon Prime, Amazon carries products from retailers all over the world. For Amazon Prime users, users can get access not only to physical products but access to a variety of shows, movies and even games!

When subscribing for Amazon Prime, you get access to many games for free and you can get your kids a game to play with their friends when they are over for a party. The best part? They are yours to keep forever even after the subscription ends.

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