Middle Road Party Shops: Party Supplies, Gifts & Decorations

Middle Road Party Shops: Party Supplies, Gifts & Decorations
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At the junction of Middle Road and Queen Street, opposite the old St Anthony’s Convent are the Middle Road party shops, or sometimes known as the Middle Road gift shops.

Economies of Scale: Party & Gifts, Heart Link and AZ Gift & Trading

The three shops, Party & Gifts, Heart Link and AZ Gift & Trading, are renown for stocking party supplies and selling them at bulk, discount prices.

The three stores are no strangers to the gift supply scene in Singapore. In fact, a bright yellow sign hung up above the Middle Road party shops proudly proclaims “We Are Formerly From Concourse Beach Road”.

For those who are old enough to remember, the Concourse building at Beach Road was once home to a bevy of shops that sold everything from decorations to wrapping paper to, yes, party supplies.

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For those who are even older, they will remember that before the shops arrived at the Concourse, many of them came from the old Blanco Court, which is the present-day Raffles Hospital.

Today, AZ Gifts & Trading, Heart Link and Party & Gifts are a carryover from the old days. They are a tip of the hat to external economics of scale – where grouping together means better business for all.

Middle Road Gift Shops: Party Supplies & More

For those who are planning for an upcoming party and need party supplies such as decorations, party favours and balloons, these three stores provide a chance to browse, compare and shop for those party needs. There are also seasonal decorations that can be found at the Middle Road stores – whether it is for occasions such as the Lunar New Year or Christmas, you would be able to find some decorations on sale.

However, nowadays, shoppers do have more choices when it comes to shopping for party supplies in Singapore. For some, the journey down to town just to shop for party supplies may be a hassle, especially when there could be store located much closer to their residences, offering equally as good prices.


Nonetheless, it is always fun to pop in and have a look to see what is available and “trending” at these three party supply stalwarts along Middle Road.

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