How To Play Pass The Parcel: Things To Prepare And Variations To Play

How To Play Pass The Parcel
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Pass The Parcel is a straightforward yet popular game to play at many parties and gatherings. The excitement of unwrapping presents does not get old no matter how many times it is played. Here’s all you need to know and prepare if you want to play a game of Pass The Parcel.

What you need

  • A present
  • A stack of newspaper or recycled paper
  • Scotch tape
  • A music player (optional)

How To Play Pass The Parcel

Prepare the parcel. Depending on the number of players in the game, you may want to include a small present in each layer or only have the last layer be the one with the present. If there is a large group of people playing, you can consider making an additional parcel so that the other players need not wait for too long for their turn.

Begin the game by having the different players sit in a circle.

If you have a music player, the organiser can sit out of the game and be the person to control the music. Press play and the players will start to pass the parcel. The organizer can face the back of the group passing the parcel to ensure the person that the present stopped on is fair. If you do not have a music player, you can sing familiar nursery rhymes

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When the music stops, the player who is holding on to the parcel will get a chance to unwrap the present. If the parcel is in the middle of being exchanges, it will go to the player it was being passed to.

The player who now has the parcel will unwrap the gift to reveal either the next layer or the present inside. The music will then start again and the game will end when the final parcel is revealed. If you are doing a presentation in each layer and wish to keep the surprise you can place a number card that is tagged to a present instead.

Variations to Pass The Parcel

Dress Up: Each layer will have a card with a name of a prop. Players who unwrap the layer have to wear the prop stated on the layer.

Get To Know You: Each layer will have a get to know you question card. Players who unwrap the layer have to answer the question on the layer.

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