Volunteers Start Initiative To Offer Needy Students Tuition Online During HBL Period

Volunteers Start Initiative To Offer Needy Students Tuition Online During HBL Period
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A group of undergraduate students have come together to start an initiative to match needy students with volunteers who have stepped forward to offer tuition during the home-based learning period.

Tuition Academic Assistance

The Tuition Academic Assistance initiative lists over 130 volunteers who are are willing to provide students at primary, secondary, junior college and even university level with online tuition. The volunteers range from students who just completed O levels, all the way to undergraduates, graduates and even teachers with many years of experience.

The initiative was started by Andy Teo, 25, an undergraduate from Nanyang Technological University, who roped in four friends to help with the initiative. It aims to help students who need extra help to understand academic concepts during home-based learning period and is set to end when schools reopen.

“We just wanted to help the community in this challenging period where students will be going through full home-based learning – something that most students may have difficulty getting accustomed to. Some students may have tuition teachers to help them clarify their schoolwork. However, others that don’t have tuition can only approach their schoolteacher. As we know, teachers are overwhelmed with administrative matters and finding the right platforms to conduct their online classes. Therefore, this initiative aims to help alleviate both the educators’ and students’ stress in these difficult times,” said Andy.

Academic Help during HBL

Those who are interested in seeking extra help during the HBL period can view a list of volunteers who are willing to provide some tuition help, along with the subjects they can help with and their contact details. Those needing assistance can contact the volunteers directly for one-to-one online sessions. The recommended time for each session is 30 minutes.

People who wish to volunteer their time to provide tuition can also register to do so at this link.

Find out more about the Tuition Academic Assistance initiative here.

Temporary Academic Assistance - Volunteers Start Initiative To Offer Needy Students Tuition Online