Tokyo Joypolis In Odaiba, Japan: Endless Electronic Fun & Games

Tokyo Joypolis In Odaiba, Japan: Endless Electronic Fun & Games
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Odaiba is a popular destination for amusement-seekers in Japan’s capital and Tokyo Joypolis is an indoor amusement arcade that will keep e-fun seekers thoroughly entertained.

Joypolis at Odaiba, Decks Shopping MallLocated at the Decks shopping arcade, it offers three floors of video arcade-style fun and even has an indoor roller coaster.

Electronic Wonderland

Stepping inside Tokyo Joypolis, your senses will be overwhelmed with sound and visuals. It is an attraction where different experiences await. You can choose to either buy an admission pass to enter Tokyo Joypolis and then after than purchase individual attraction tickets or get a passport ticket with entry and attractions bundled in one.

Halfpipe Tokyo, Joypolis TokyoOn the first floor is Tokyo Joypolis’ top attraction, Halfpipe Tokyo. This is a thrill ride where two people work together to spin their way to victory. You can hear people screaming away as they get sent up and down the rockin’ half-pipe. The attraction is open those 130 cm and taller only.

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Gekion Live CoasterThe first level is also where you can get on board the Gekion Live Coaster.

Gekion Live Coaster at Joypolis TokyoThis thrilling ride circumnavigates around Tokyo Joypolis and even manages to fit in a barrel roll. A height restriction of a minimum of 130 cm also applies to the Live Coaster.

Other rides on the first floor include an Initial D Arcade Stage4 ride (in a real car!) and Pirates Plunder, a shooting theatre where up to 26 people can play together.

UFO catchersThere are also UFO catcher machines for those who want to try their luck at winning a toy.

VR Games and More

Transformers Human Alliance SpecialMore interactive and fast-paced games await at the second level of Tokyo Joypolis at
Odaiba. Take part in Tower-Tag, a PvP VR shooting game, get your adrenaline pumping in a full motion Transformers Human Alliance Special ride, or even race with other at the Sonic Athletics station.

Wild River The Treasure Hunt 4D rideThings get even wild with the attractions on the top level of Tokyo Joypolis. There is a Wild River The Treasure Hunt 4D ride, a Wild Wing flight experience and many others.

Frame Cafe, Tokyo Joypolis at OdaibaView of the Rainbow BridgeWhen you want to calm down, the third floor of Tokyo Joypolis also has a nice café, Frame, which looks out to the Rainbow Bridge.

Arcade Excitement

You will also find plenty of video arcade games and machines throughout Tokyo Joypolis. This allows you to switch between the rides and video games.

Carnival Corner, SEGA Joypolis, Odaiba, Tokyo, JapanYounger kids can head to a Carnival Game Corner where there are easier-to-play games available.

Main stage at JoypolisThere are also shows to look out for at the Joypolis Tokyo’s main stage.

Take note that the individual attractions within Tokyo Joypolis cost between 600 yen to 800 yen each. A passport ticket which bundles admission and rides costs 4,300 yen. There are also late night admission charges available. Check the Tokyo Joypolis website for prices to consider whether or not to purchase the passport ticket.

Tokyo Joypolis, Odaiba, Japan

Where: 1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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