The Lost World Of Terranova: Unusual Stones And Fossils At The Gem Museum

The Lost World of Terranova
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Glowing rocks and meteorites from space are some of the exhibits you can view at The Gem Museum’s special exhibition The Lost World of Terranova. Held in conjunction with Singapore Night Festival 2018, this exhibition of unusual gemstones and fossils is open to the public from 17 to 18 and 23 to 25 August, 7 pm to 10 pm.

The Hidden World Around Us

How often do we look at the ground around us? At The Lost World of Terranova, open your eyes to the wonder of unusual rocks.

The premise of The Gem Museum’s Night Festival 2018 exhibition is to take visitors on a journey of discovery that goes back to a time when an ancient world, Terranova, was formed.

Terranova, a conglomeration of the words Terra and Nova, literally means star land. This poetically describes both the sparkling gems within the museum and the way asteroids and meteoroids from space have impacted the earth’s geology.

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Display at The Lost World of Terranova


At the Queen Street museum, visitors can view precious rocks and stones presented in displays such as Mystical Meteo and Crystal Mountain.

Glowing rocksIf you thought that Kryptonite was the only mineral that glows, take a peek into a black box at The Lost World of Terranova exhibition. Examine the unusual collection of rocks which fluoresce under UV light at this display.

Fossils From The Past

Other highlights of The Lost World of Terranova include fossilised dinosaur dung, known as coprolite. This material is so prized that some people create jewellery out of it.

Fossilised Siberian Tiger Skull
Fossilised Siberian Tiger skull

There are also other fossils and unusual stones on display.

Terrarium at The Gem MuseumThe Gem Museum has also imagined the world of Terranova in the form of miniaturised displays. In a twist on the usual plant terrariums, at the Gem Museum, the terrariums are a showcase of minerals and gemstones.

Visitors can also purchase gem terrarium kits to bring home.

The Gem MuseumGet more details on The Gem Museum’s Singapore Night Festival 2018 exhibition The Lost World of Terranova here.

The Lost World of Terranova

Where: The Gem Museum, 222 Queen Street #02-02, Singapore 188550
17 to 18 August, 7 pm to 10 pm
23 to 25 August, 7 pm to 10 pm

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