Sedia! Come To Attention At Navy At Vivo 2019 & Home Team Festival 2019

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This November 2019, mark down the dates of two exciting events taking place on our shores – Navy at Vivo 2019 and the Home Team Festival 2019.

Navy at Vivo 2019

Navy at Vivo 2019
File picture. RSS Intrepid docked at VivoCity in 2017.

Sailing in to VivoCity from 13 to 18 November is Navy at Vivo 2019. During the six-day event, visitors can look forward to learning more about the capabilities and experience of the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN).

Fast Crafts Utility boats
File picture.

While the highlight for those who have managed to ballot for tickets to board the RSS Supreme, a Formidable-class frigate, and the Fast Craft Utility (FCU) boats, there is also plenty of other activities taking place at Navy at Vivo.

Visitors can look forward to getting a feel of the RSN’s weapons, playing games with exclusive prizes to be won and experiencing life through the eyes of an RSN Commanding Officer. Get to meet the men and women protecting our shores as well.

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Other highlights include storytelling sessions at Library@Harbourfront and a chance to witness the sunset ceremony, a naval tradition from days of old.

Learn more about Navy at Vivo 2019.

Home Team Festival 2019

Home Team Festival 2019
File picture. Police Community Roadshow 2018.

From 22 to 24 November 2019, the Home Team Festival 2019 finds its home at Singapore Expo Halls 2 & 3.

This year, the theme of the Home Team Festival is Guardians of Our Home. It is the largest public showcase of the Home Team’s capabilities, displayed across three zones.

Enjoy a theatrical-video experience at the HEART Zone, watch live demonstrations of the Home Team’s operational capabilities at the OUR MISSION Zone and get a glimpse into the future at the EVER-READY Zone.

Ready for a challenge? Take on an obstacle course or try out a shooting range too. There is also special area setup especially for kids.

Find out more about Home Team Festival 2019.

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