SCDF Siren On 15 September: Sounding The “Important Message” Signal

SCDF Siren On 15 September: Sounding The
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When you hear the Singapore Civil Defence Force or SCDF siren go off on 15 September 2020 at 6.20 pm, don’t be alarmed. It is part of the SCDF’s efforts to raise public awareness of different types of Public Warning System signals.

SCDF Siren On 15 September

SCDF Siren On 15 September

According to the SCDF, when you hear the siren go off on Tuesday, 15 September 2020 at 6.20 pm, you should tune in to any local radio station or local TV station for a two-minute message on the Public Warning System.

The siren that will sound islandwide on is the “Important Message” signal. It is one of three possible signals that can be sounded over the Public Warning System. It is comprised of a series of short bursts.

The other two public warning signals include the “Alarm” and the “All Clear” signal. The “Alarm” signal consists of a continuous rising and falling tone. The “All Clear” signal is a continuous even tone.

Listen to the various tones here.

Important Message

The exercise on 15 September 2020 part of the annual sounding of the “Important Message” signal. This exercise is carried out twice a year, once on 15 February and the other on 15 September.

Those who have the SGSecure mobile app on their phones will also have it sound, unless it is on silent or vibration mode. The signal on the SGSecure app will stop after the message is acknowledged or after 20 seconds. This will be followed by a brief text on the PWS sounding.


Get more information about the sounding of the Public Warning System on 15 September here.

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