#HuntYourZodiac Islandwide And Win Up To $8,888

#HuntYourZodiac Islandwide And Win Up To SGD 8,888
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Last year, DBS Launched their first edition of #HuntYourZodiac, an interactive virtual game which has similar gameplay to the popular game, Pokemon Go. This year, it is back bigger and better than ever in celebration of the new year!

From 10 am, 10 February 2021 to 11.59 pm, 14 February 2021, players are invited to #HuntYourZodiac at over 34,000 virtual “Gates of Fortune” all around Singapore.

Players who successfully capture a zodiac animal will receive a specialised Chinese horoscope prediction based not only on the zodiac animal but also its zodiac element (metal, wood, fire, water, earth). Some zodiac animals will be carrying angbaos!

Lucky players who capture these zodiacs stand to receive angbaos and have the value transferred directly to their accounts.

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Test Skills and Persistence in New Challenges

Test skills and persistence in new challenges

To win even larger prizes, the skills and persistence of players will be put to the test by new challenges in this year’s POSB #HuntYourZodiac! These include a range of combination challenges which require players to collect specific combinations of zodiac animals.

To encourage players to collect as many animals as possible, there are several types of angbaos that players can earn when completing challenges that are issued at the start of the game.

The first way to get an angbao is when lucky players catch the zodiac animals carrying angbaos. They will stand to win angbaos worth between $1.08 to $88.

Combination Angbaos

There are also Combination Angbaos to be collected. These angbaos can only be obtained by collecting the correct sets of zodiac animals as specified by the various challenges such as collecting all the earth element zodiac animals or collecting all the animals in the West. Combination Angbaos are worth between $1.88 to $188.

Players should also keep an eye out for the opening of the Golden Gates of Fortune (“Golden Gates”). Golden Gates are special gates where the most elusive zodiac animals can be found during the golden hours from 5 pm to 7 pm every day.

To those who persist till the end and collect all 60 zodiac animals will successfully obtain the one and only Golden Angbao worth up to $888. Collecting and keeping all the animals is no easy feat as this year the animals will escape after a certain time and the gates which players can capture them at will have a cooldown.

Power Up With Oranges

Power Up With Oranges

To aid the players in their hunt, power-ups in the form of Oranges are given to improve a player’s chance of success. Three types of Oranges will be available, each holding a different power.

The Summon Orange attracts a specific animal type or an animal of a specific element. The Extension Orange: Subdues captured zodiac animals and delays their escape and the Skip Orange skips the cooldown time for the Gates of Fortune, so players can hunt again immediately.

Players can obtain Oranges by performing DBS PayLah! Transactions during the game period, with no minimum amount required. These transactions will be converted into in-game Oranges for play.

How to Play #HuntYourZodiac

How to Play #HuntYourZodiac

POSB #HuntYourZodiac is open to players of all ages, but those under the age of 18 are reminded to seek consent from their parents or guardian before playing. Players will require a DBS PayLah! Account to redeem angbaos in the game.

To play, customers simply need to visit the game website here via a mobile device and log in to their DBS PayLah! Account. They will then be taken through an interactive tutorial on key game features. This includes guidance on navigating the game interface, types of angbaos available and how to win them, and how to hunt for and catch zodiac animals.

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