Parent Review: Wild Singapore Comic Activity Book – Peppy & Lili’s Earth Missions

Parent Review: Wild Singapore Comic Activity Book – Peppy & Lili’s Earth Missions
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Nurturing the biophilia in your child in Singapore may be a tad challenging, given how city folks aren’t usually very used to nature or keen to venture to natural environments.

But did you know that Singapore has a richer biodiversity in plants, trees, hard corals and seagrasses than many other places in the world?

We were sent a couple of Wild Singapore Comic books inspired by Singapore’s wildlife and we loved them! In addition, the children learnt about animals we can find in Singapore through the adventures of inter-galactic explorers! The books were also accompanied by a Young Explorer’s Journal packed with plenty of ideas and activities to rediscover our city-state.

Overview of Wild Singapore Comic Book: Peppy and Lili’s Earth Missions

Peppy and Lili are two cadets accepted into the QD-Explorer Cadet Programme – an elite inter-galactic explorer team dedicated to the exploration and discovery of new planets and technology. Join Peppy, Lili and the crew onboard QSS Fargo as they head to Earth to recover the eggs that fell from the spaceship before General Malzorg and the TerrorBytes army get to them!

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Intheir adventures, the crew comes across the Reticulated Python, Raffles Banded Langur, Lesser Mousedeer and other creatures in various parts of the island. Their GPS systems even maps out the various regions and where to find the different animals.

After reading the comic book, children are encouraged to complete the activities, connect the information and solve the various puzzles.

Review of Wild Singapore Comic Books

Review of Wild Singapore Comic Books

What’s not to love about educational comics!

The series reminded me of a cross between Guardians of the Galaxy and Octonauts, Singapore version. I appreciated the series for focusing on Singapore wildlife (!!!) as few children books are dedicated to the native wildlife of Singapore in an engaging manner. Children can learn about facts about the animals, learn about their status as threatened or endangered and find out where they are exactly in Singapore. This awareness is important to helping them to appreciate their environment more.

My sons ages 7 and 9 could not wait to lay their hands on the comics and work out the puzzles. They were even fighting over the puzzles to do! It was a great way to reinforce the learning from the comics and makes them notice the details more.

Coincidentally, we were also learning about Singapore’s biodiversity. It is heartening to read about it in the books. Structures such as the Mandai Eco-Link we always pass when heading to the Singapore Zoo was also mentioned and featured in the comic book. The content of the book reminds us of the unseen richness in nature our Lion City has.

I also appreciated the Young Explorer’s Journal that accompanied the comic books. It encourages the children to be creatively journaling what they see, hear wherever they go. It is also an opportune time to be exploring our city-state since overseas travel seems impossible for now.

Recommended Age

I’d readily recommend it to children ages between 6 to 12. It has plenty of information to learn and puzzles to decode. The illustrations are captivating with rather realistic illustrations of the animals. Perhaps the actual image of the animal can be included so readers can see an actual visual.

Where to Purchase Wild Singapore Comic Activity Books

Support local and purchase the books for your children. The expedition by the space creatures is bound to captivate your child. These would be excellent gifts as well to discover the biodiversity often unseen and forgotten. Perhaps this mission can inspire our future generations to want to protect the natural habitats around them.

To purchase the Wild Singapore Comic Activity Books, head to this site.

Little Day Out readers can enjoy a 10% discount with code <FAMILY10>! Now to get my hands on Volume Three, as requested by my sons.

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