McDonald’s Choco Banana Pie Taste Test: Trick Or Treat?

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In the interest of full disclosure, we are big fans of the flavour combination of chocolate and banana. It is our go-to flavour when ordering crepes. Coat a banana with Nutella and we will have it in a jiffy. Therefore, we were excited to find out that the McDonald’s Choco Banana Pie was hitting McDonald’s Singapore’s counters from 31 October 2019.

When the clock struck 11 am, signalling the end of breakfast hours and the availability of the pie, we decided to venture out and give the McDonald’s Choco Banana Pie a taste test and find out if it was a trick or treat.

McDonald’s Choco Banana Pie

Choco Banana Pie from McDonald's SingaporeThis latest pie from McDonald’s Singapore comes on the heels of the strawberry white chocolate pie – which we enjoyed. The Choco Banana Pie consists of not one but two flavoured fillings. There is warm chocolate paired with thick, smooth banana filling in an enclosed crust.

Taste Test

McDonald’s Choco Banana Pie Taste TestUpon biting into the Choco Banana Pie, we were pleased to find the chocolate and banana filling actually separated in different halves of the pie. What was even better was that the banana filling seemed to be made from real bananas, and not just an artificial-tasting banana cream. In fact, the banana filling almost overwhelmed the taste of the chocolate filling.

The pie shell was a crusty pastry; we were a bit disappointed as we were secretly hoping that it would be the softer style pastry that was found in the strawberry white chocolate pie. On the plus side, the crusty pastry did make us think we were eating a banana crumble at times.

Trick or Treat?

On the whole, we would say that the McDonald’s Choco Banana Pie is a treat – something that we’d buy again. No trickery here.

The Choco Banana Pie is available from $1.50 at all McDonald’s outlets, Dessert Kiosks, and via McDelivery and GrabFood after breakfast hours, while stocks last.