Japan Theme Park Gives Visitors Stickers To “Scream” With Their Masks

Japan Theme Park Gives Visitors Stickers To Let “Scream” With Their Masks
Image: Greenland Resort YouTube
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Theme parks in Japan have infamously advised visitors to “scream in their hearts” and not with their mouths out of fears of spreading the coronavirus.

One Japanese theme park has come up with a novel way to allow its visitors to express their feelings – without the need to scream out loud.

Screaming Stickers at the Theme Park

Mitsui Greenland Amusement Park in Arao, Japan has stickers which visitors can attach to their masks.

Screaming Stickers at the Greenland Theme Park
Image: Greenland Resort

These come in a variety of designs.

These cartoonish make it look like visitors are screaming away – so that they can have a befitting look while on the roller coasters – at least from the outside.

Mitsui Greenland Amusement Park in Arao, Japan Screaming Stickers for Roller Coasters
Image: Greenland Resort YouTube

Screaming Stickers in Action

The Japan theme park even has videos which shows what it is like to wear the stickers on a roller coaster.

One shows a ride doing a good job at “screaming on the inside” and containing her terror.

Another shows a man who makes grunting noise while riding the roller coaster.

As we watched the videos, couldn’t help but feel as if we are watching the Joker on a ride. What do you think?


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