Hampstead Wetlands Park: Water Lilies & Wildlife Spotting In Seletar

Hampstead Wetland Park in Seletar Aerospace Park
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Located at Seletar Aerospace Park is a lush green spot that is attracting tons of photography enthusiasts. Hampstead Wetlands Park is centred around a lake which attracts birds and wildlife, and along with them, the many photographers.

Hampstead Wetlands Park: Water Lilies & Wildlife In Seletar

Hampstead Wetlands Park is about the size of four-and-a-half football fields. Its accessible areas consist of footpaths that encircle the lake.

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Water Lily Lake

Alongside Hampstead Gardens road, there is a boardwalk which overlooks the main feature of the park, a water-lily covered lake.

Water Lily Lake

The lake is set against a green forest backdrop. The lack of tall buildings, thanks to nearby Seletar Airport, make for a beautiful scene.


Peer into the lake and you’ll find black catfish swimming about.

Look out platform, Hampstead Wetland Park

Away of the main boardwalk area, there is a look out platform where you can pause for a view of the northern end of the water lily lake at Hampstead Wetlands Park.

Some of the birds that can be spotted at Hampstead Wetlands Park include …

Bee eater

… the bee eater, …


… barbets and …

Buffy Fish Owl

… the buffy fish owl. No wonder it is a haven for bird watchers and wildlife photography enthusiasts.

Nature Trail at Hampstead Wetlands Park

Nature Trail at Hampstead Wetlands Park

The other side of Hampstead Wetlands Park is where you can go for short nature walk.

Nature Trail at Hampstead Wetlands Park

The flora found at the park include the Indonesian Bayleaf, whose mildly sour leaves are used in Indonesian cooking, and the Spicate Eugenia which can grow up to 18 metres tall.

The Oval

Just beside Hampstead Wetlands Park, barely 150 metres away, is The Oval. This hub of restaurants and eateries is also where you can find the aviation-themed playground.

The Oval Aeroplane Playground

There is an aeroplane play structure and a control tower for kids to climb and explore.

Hampstead Wetlands Park and The Oval are a nice complement to each other. Together, they provide a balance of playground fun and nature appreciation for families.

old British military building

While at Hampstead Wetlands Park, you can also appreciate the old British military buildings along Baker Street and Old Birdcage Walk.

There is a large heritage raintree amongst the buildings. Keep your eyes peeled and you may even be able to spot wildlife like hornbills in the vicinity.

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