Hammee’s Has Upgraded To The Classic Beef Cheeseburger V2.0

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We enjoy a nicely done cheeseburger and, nowadays, there are many different options available including Shake Shack and Five Guys. However, one of our local favourites when it comes to a burger on the more premium side but is Hammee’s. And now, Hammee’s has introduced a new Classic Beef Cheeseburger v2.0.

Located on the second floor of Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre, Hammee’s has been around since late 2018. We first gave it a try a year ago and just so happened to be planning a visit when we saw that it was going to be launching a new Classic Beef Cheeseburger v2.0.

Hammee’s Cheeseburger V2.0

Classic Beef Cheeseburger v2.0The new Hammee’s cheeseburger v2.0 featured an “upgraded” beef patty, source from Huber’s Butchery. These new beef patties are never frozen. According to the signboard at Hammee’s, “Our beef patties are never frozen, fresh hand formed every single day and contains no growth hormones.”

Hammee's cheeseburger v2.0The Classic Beef Cheeseburger v2.0 comes with toasted burger buns, slow caramalised onions, American cheese, the handmade beef patty, chopped pickled jalapenos and homemade burger sauce. It is served with a side of fries.

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For the time being, it is available for $6 as a single or $8 for a double.


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An important announcement: Dear customers, this is a post that we’ve been looking forward to for months. We’ve been contemplating this decision for quite some time now, and today, we have decided to take the leap of faith. We’re making the biggest upgrade to our burgers since we opened back in 2018. We would like to introduce you to Hammee’s classic cheeseburger v2.0. . We’ve decided to do a major upgrade to our beef patties. We’ve always wanted to improve on the patties, but because we’re trying to keep the burgers affordable to everyone, we kept it the same due to pricing issues. But we know there are customers who are willing to pay just a little more for quality. So we have decided to partner up with @hubersbutchery for our beef supply, a brand that we love and trust. For just an additional $1 (single) and $1.50 (double), we are able to give you a product that is so much more. All burgers come with fries as usual. Our new patties from @hubersbutchery are much juicier, have a nicer sear, a better texture and most importantly, they are much beefier and more flavourful. For just a small increase in our cost price but being able to deliver such a huge improvement, this change makes complete sense to us. This new patty change will be used in our burgers effective immediately, but because we would love for you to try out our new and improved burgers, the price increase will only take effect from 18 March onwards. . To facilitate this change, we will be closed for an additional day on Wednesday 4 March, business will resume as usual on Thursday 5 March. We hope you will love our new burgers as much as we do. ❤️ If you have already tried our burgers before, do give us another shot, let us know if you agree with us. Help us spread the word out, we hope to see you soon. . #hammees #commonwealthcrescenthawkercentre #singapore #sgeats #sgfoodblogger #sgfood

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According to Hammee’s Instagram page, because they have chosen to make use of these premium patties, they will have to increase the price by an additional $1 for the single and $1.50 for the double. This price increase will take place from 18 March 2020 onwards even though the new patties will already in use from 5 March onwards.

Biting In

Hammee's cheeseburgerWe tried the new Hammee’s cheeseburger 2.0 and it was nice with a juicy patty, just as we remembered it. Even with the increase in price, we think it still is reasonably priced for a quality product. At least, we can find a seat at the hawker centre, compared to some of the other new burger places. Plus, we don’t mind supporting our local food stall owners.

For those who don’t want the beef cheeseburger, the chicken burger is still available.

Perhaps, the only complaint we have is the wait time. Although we arrived very early, just after the shutters were raised, we still had to wait half-an-hour for our burgers to be ready. So, if you planning to head down, be mentally prepared to wait for your burgers.

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