Going Green In Singapore As A Family: Beyond Simply Refusing Plastic Straws

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Of late, there has been a lot of talk about reducing plastic use in Singapore. The reality is that going green in Singapore for a more sustainable tomorrow is more than just refusing that single-use plastic spoon today, or buying a reusable steel straw yesterday.

In raising an environmentally-friendly family, we are teaching our children to take ownership of preserving the environment, so that they can embark on their own Earth-friendly journey, and hopefully pass this legacy on to the next generation.

Going Green In Singapore

Going Green At Home

UnPackt: Zero-waste Grocery Shopping In SingaporeLiving green is just about making conscious and thoughtful decisions, rather than taking the convenient way out. For example, instead of popping into a bookstore, take the family to the library for some new reads; or eat at the hawker centre, rather than requesting for takeaway.

Reusable Bag
Photo by Sylvie Tittel on Unsplash

On the weekends, arm yourselves with reusable bags and take the children to the wet market or UnPackt for a spot of zero-waste grocery shopping.

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Before you pay for yet another plastic toy, stop and ask yourself if it’s one more thing your child needs.

How about a new experience instead, like watching a live theatre performance?

Remember how your baby sat snug on your lap as you read “Lost and Found” to him for the millionth time? How about attending a live performance of the book? Hashtag winning, especially since you’ll have one less thing at home collecting dust.

Recycle Right

The importance of the 3Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle – have been drilled into all of us.

Boxes for recycling
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One organisation which has been promoting recycling in Singapore since 2006 is the Tzu Chi Foundation.

Every second Sunday of the month is Tzu Chi’s Recycling Day. In close to 40 neighbourhoods across the island, Tzu Chi has garnered the support of various Residents’ Committees to transform the void decks of HDB blocks into temporary recycling points for the morning. Young and old living in the vicinity are invited to contribute their recyclable items, and shown how to correctly sort and handle the recyclables to ensure that they are recycling-worthy. Find out more about Tzu Chi’s efforts here.

And with the proliferation of e-waste, it is possible to recycle and properly dispose of e-waste as well. Find out how here.

World Cleanup Day

Taking your children out of the home and involving them in green activities, such as a beach clean-up, enables them to make the connection about the plastic they use on a daily basis. In this way, they understand how their personal and family consumption of things in general, contribute to the trash they see and collect on the beach.

Trash - Take part in beach cleanups to help keep Singapore green
Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

Keep an eye out for green community activities in Singapore. For example, Saturday 15 September 2018 is World Cleanup Day and Trash Hero Singapore is calling for us to get our hands dirty, and to play a part in a great green movement. Dress comfy and get sweaty as you join many other volunteers in cleaning up a beach at Coney Island Park. Register your interest in the event here.

Going green doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep It Simple, Singapore – a little change from each of us will go a long, long way.

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