LOST AND FOUND Based On The International Bestseller By Oliver Jeffers: A Charming Tale Of Friendship

LOST AND FOUND Based On The International Bestseller By Oliver Jeffers: A Charming Tale Of Friendship
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One day, a sad, lonely penguin arrives at a boy’s doorstep. Is the penguin lost? In Lost and Found, the story by award-winning picture book creator Oliver Jeffers, the boy goes on a journey to take the penguin home to the South Pole in a row boat. But as Boy soon realises, maybe home isn’t what the penguin was looking for after all…

Perfect for a younger audience, this tale of friendship lost and found takes to stage in Singapore from 28 to 30 September 2018. It will be brought to life by cast and crew from United Kingdom-based theatre company Little Blue Monster.

Filled with songs, music and puppetry, the funny, charming story of Lost and Found is ideal for ages three and above, and their grown-ups.

Something Fun for Everyone

LOST AND FOUND Based On The International Bestseller By Oliver Jeffers“There are some fantastic songs, and some great audience interaction which gets the whole audience on their feet,” said artistic director Bill Davies. “So if the audiences are expecting a fourth wall drama, they will find our show very different.”

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Expect the whole family to have lots of fun in this immersive and interactive show which took two years to make, from initial idea to first performance.

In nurturing children to become the theatre-goers of the future, theatre productions like Lost and Found also create a space for adult audiences to realise that they can enjoy different styles of theatre.

“There is nothing better than watching a whole family together enjoying our work, because that is what theatre is about – including everyone.”

Children and parents will also be able to instantly recognise the characters on stage in this faithful adaptation, and love them as much as the book, said Mr Davies.

Penguin’s Secrets

LOST AND FOUND Singapore: A Charming Tale Of FriendshipWill Penguin be a puppet? Or will he be a human actor? Mr Davies is not telling.

“You’re asking us to give away our secrets!”

But what he will say is this – Penguin will be a puppet sometimes, and he will be played by “an actor in an amazing costume” at other times.

“The children happily accept that it is the same penguin which is wonderful, and shows that children have a greater grasp of theatrical concepts than people often give them credit for.”

One of the most challenging aspects of this show for actor Simon Sanchez involves the puppets. He plays Boy and also plays a part in puppeteering Penguin. Mr Sanchez lets us in a little more on Penguin.

“I think the puppeteering of Penguin whilst keeping in character as Boy and making sure that both characters are consistently truthful and engaging was the greatest challenge,” said Mr Sanchez.

“But I always find that the greatest challenges become the parts you become most proud of, and I proud of the way that the whole show comes together to delight the audience.”

Emotional Depth

Lost and Found in Singapore - Children's TheatreMr Sanchez has two favourite scenes from the show – so be sure to look out for them.

The boat-cleaning scene is filled with fun and mayhem, as Boy and Penguin get their little rowing boat ready for the last leg of their adventure.

The other scene is the heartfelt emotion of Boy and Penguin being separated before the reunion, said Mr Sanchez.

Lost and Found has funny laugh-out-loud elements, but also some great moments of pathos.

“We don’t shy away from the sadder moments of the story, like when the Boy sails away from Penguin, because life has sad moments in it,” said Mr Davies.

But there is a happy ending, as we all know. Beyond entertainment and fun, Lost and Found also explores the depth of emotions.

“I have to be able to look at a children’s story and be able to see how I can turn a 10-minute story book into a theatrical production that lasts for around 50 minutes,” said Mr Davies.

“With Lost and Found, there is such an abundance of characters and the story is so heart-warming that it was really easy for me to see where the story was going to go.”

With the fun, crazy capers of Boy and Penguin, the eventual parting and reunion of the two friends takes on a bittersweet quality. And the audience will go home thinking about this.

“Sometimes the thing you are looking for the most is right under your nose the whole time,” said Mr Davies.

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Lost and Found

When: 28 to 30 September 2018
Where: SOTA Drama Theatre
Running time approximately 55 minutes with no interval.
Tickets available through SISTIC.

Lost and Found

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Lost and Found
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