Future Together At Gardens By The Bay: Digital Exhibition Bridging Connectivity, Aspirations & Possibilities

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Future Together at Gardens by the Bay, a digital art exhibition, caps off the Singapore Bicentennial commemorations with interactive installations that encapsulate the hope for the future. Two of the seven #futuretogether exhibits will be “soft opened” from Sunday, 15 December 2019 with the remainder of the artworks officially launching on 16 January 2020.

The interactive exhibition features seven art installations by teamLab and is jointly presented by Gardens by the Bay and GIC.

Outdoor Exhibits – Interactive Eggs & Growing Latticework

Autonomous Resonating Life on the Water and Resonating TreesAt Gardens by the Bay’s Dragofly Lake, Autonomous Resonating Life on the Water and Resonating Trees is a work comprising 334 eggs (or more officially “ovoids”) on the water and along the boardwalk.

After dark, these come alive with colour, standing out brightly in the night.

Eggs on Water at Gardens by the BayPush one of the eggs along the boardwalk and watch as it changes colour, causing a ripple effect with the other eggs in the lake. This exemplifies the connectedness between people and the ability for our actions to have a resonating effect.

Future Together, Gardens by the BayFlowers and People at Bayfront Plaza lights up the Giant Lattice Mass with a fertile wall of digital flowers. The flowers bud, grow and bloom, symbolising the hopes and dreams for the future along with the continuous cycle of life and death.

Exhibits at the Bayfront Pavilion – Digital Animals & Flower in the Tea

Future Together at Gardens by the Bay’s indoor exhibits, opening in January 2020, will be held at Bayfront Pavilion. Admission to the indoor exhibition is free for Singapore residents and $10 for non-residents.

Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic LivesAnimals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives features roaming digital animals, made out of flower petals. Animals represented are those native to the region such as the Malayan tapir, Sambar deer and smooth-coated otter.

The blooms consist of local orchids like Vanda Miss Joaquim and Arachnis Hookeriana.

Interacting with Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives, #futuretogetherIt is a digital “petting zoo” – touch the digital animals and they respond with sound before eventually fading away.

Flowers Bloom in an Infinite Universe inside a TeacupFlowers Bloom in an Infinite Universe inside a Teacup is a uniquely personal and interactive experience at Gardens by the Bay’s Future Together exhibition. Enjoy a cup of tea and be surprised by a digital flower which blooms inside the cup.

This highly interactive tea experience makes it fun to “spill the tea”. Additional charges of $3 for Singapore residents and $7 for non-residents applies to Flowers Bloom in an Infinite Universe inside a Teacup. (Editor’s note, March 2020: The tea experience is now free Singapore Residents.)

Reversible Rotation – Black in WhiteOther indoor exhibits include spatial calligraphy artwork Reversible Rotation – Black in White

Continuous Life and Death at the Now of Eternity II… and Continuous Life and Death at the Now of Eternity II, a computer-rendered artwork.

There will also be an outdoor Message Pillar where messages can be posted via an augmented reality smartphone app.

#futuretogether Tickets

While admission to the indoor exhibits is free for Singapore residents, it will still be ticketed based on fixed timeslots. Advanced ticket reservations commences on 15 December 2019 at the Gardens by the Bay website.

Any proceeds from the ticket sales will go to Gardens by the Bay’s Gift of Gardens fund, a community outreach initiative which provides complimentary access to the cooled conservatory for Singapore residents who may not otherwise have the means to visit them.

Future Together at Gardens by the Bay

When: 16 January to 15 22 March 2020
(Editor’s note, March 2020: The #FutureTogether exhibition has been extended to 22 March 2020. Admission to the Tea Experience is now free for Singapore Residents.)
Where: Bayfront Plaza
Indoor Exhibits Opening Times: 9 am to 9 pm
Outdoor Exhibits: 7 pm to Midnight

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