8 Things To Know About Gardens By The Bay’s Bayfront Plaza

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Bayfront Plaza at Gardens by the Bay is a new space which occupies the site of the SG50 Future of Us exhibition. The 5,000 square metre location includes both indoor and outdoor areas and is intended to provide more opportunities for Singaporeans enjoy Gardens by the Bay for years to come.

Here are eight things to know about Gardens by the Bay’s Bayfront Plaza.

1. Bayfront Plaza Location – Above Bayfront MRT

Bayfront Plaza, Gardens by the BayBayfront Plaza is located just above Bayfront MRT, close to Marina Bay Sands. This makes Bayfront Plaza easily accessible to those arriving at Gardens by the Bay via MRT or on foot from Marina Bay.

2. Ticketing Counters at Bayfront Plaza

Ticketing Counters at Bayfront PlazaYou will find a set of ticketing counters at Bayfront Plaza. Visitors to the Gardens can purchase admission tickets to the Gardens attractions from here and from what we say, the queues at the Bayfront Plaza ticketing counters are MUCH shorter compared to those at the ticketing counters located at the Cooled Conservatory. Get your tickets here to cut down the time spent queuing times.

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3. Floral Fantasy

Floral FantasyBayfront Plaza is home to a new ticketed attraction, Floral Fantasy. This indoor space is divided into four zones which artistically showcase flowers. Floral Fantasy also features a 4D motion ride, Flight of the Dragonfly, which provides an overview of Gardens by the Bay’s many attractions.

4. Community Spaces & Bayfront Pop-up Market

Community Spaces & Bayfront Pop-up MarketBayfront Plaza is also home to a set of community spaces. These can be found under the pretty lattice structure that marks out Bayfront Plaza. Every weekend, there will be a Bayfront Pop-up Market with stalls selling a variety of merchandise, a third of which are intended to be run by social enterprises.

5. Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service at Bayfront PlazaWant to get from Bayfront Plaza to the Cooled Conservatories but don’t want to walk? There is a shuttle service which runs in 10-minute intervals from Bayfront Plaza to the Conservatories from 9 am to 9 pm daily, except from 12.30 pm on the first Monday of every month. The shuttle service costs $3 for unlimited rides and free for wheelchair passengers.

6. Charging Stations

Charging StationsNeed to charge your phone urgently? You can do so at a charging station at Bayfront Plaza. Great for those emergency times when you need to zap power into your phone.

7. Café Aster

Café AsterCafé Aster is a casual dining restaurant at Bayfront Plaza. With big windows that let in a lot of light, Café Aster is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop by to grab a beverage or a quick bite. An interesting feature at Café Aster is its cold room which offers fresh cut flowers from around the world.

8. Gift Shop

Gift ShopFor visitors to the Gardens who want to pick up something before heading off, there is a conveniently located Gift Shop at Bayfront Plaza too.

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