320 Fun Writing Prompts For Kids Of All Ages

320 Fun Writing Prompts For Kids Of All Ages
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Would you like your child to practise writing? Fun writing prompts for kids can help children to explore new ideas, practice writing and learn new ways to express themselves.

What Makes a Good Writing Prompt for Kids?

Good writing prompts such encourage kids to get started writing. They should be simple enough to encourage tentative writers to pick up the pencil or pen, and also be open ended enough so that they feel they have the room to be creative and make use of their imagination.

Here are 320 creative writing prompts for kids to write, spark their imagination and improve their writing abilities.

These writing prompts are a treasure trove of ideas. You can vary and adapt these writing prompts as needed. 

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Fun Writing Prompts for Kids to Get Their Imagination Going

Fun Writing Prompts for Kids to Get Their Imagination Going

1. Invent a new ice cream flavour and tell us about the flavour.

2. Who is your imaginary friend? Tell us about this special friend.

3. Write a letter to a friend you have not seen for a while.

4. Write a story about a talking animal.

5. What is your favourite toy? Why do you like it?

6. If you could fly, where would you go and what would you see?

7. How did you help someone in the past week? Describe the experience.

8. Write a story about a magical animal in space.

9. If you could have any pet of choice, what would it be?

10. Write about an adventure in a magical forest.

11. Write a letter to your favourite book character.

12. Imagine the best day in your life, what would it be like?

13. If you could run a restaurant, what would you serve? Create a menu.

14. If you are a famous singer, pen lyrics to your biggest hit.

15. Can you think of an invention that makes life easier? Tell us about this new invention.

16. Write about your day to the beach.

17. Describe your dream home.

18. If you found a genie in a lamp, would you free it? Why?

19. Write a poem about your favourite local food.

20. If you could travel back in time, where would you go? Describe the place.

21. Create a new planet and describe what the environment is like. Who inhabits the planet?

22. Write a letter to yourself when you were a little baby.

23. Write a story about a friendship between a triceratops and a robot vacuum.

24. Describe a mystery you would solve if you were a detective.

25. Make a pizza you love, what flavour is it and what are the toppings?

26. Tell us about a time when you felt afraid. What did you do about the feeling?

27. If you could choose to have a superpower, what would you pick and why?

28. Write a letter to yourself when you become a grown up at 30.

29. What would you like to do indoors on a rainy day?

30. Write a story about a talking plant.

31. What rules would you have if you were the king?

32. Invent a mode of transport that you would love to use.

33. Describe your favourite book.

34. You have discovered a hidden treasure. Where was it and how did you find it?

35. Pen a letter to your favourite animal

36. Describe your favourite activity in your favourite season.

37. If you could a sport to the Olympics, which sport would it be and why?

38. Write a letter to your favourite cartoon character.

39. Imagine you are an animal whisperer, what would you say?

40. Write a song that a pirate would love to sing.

41. Imagine you can talk to trees, what would you say to them?

42. Write a letter to the leader of your country.

43. Describe a time you made a mistake and what you learned from it.

44. Write a story about a pirate’s day out at sea.

45. Imagine you can talk to plants, what would you say?

46. One day you shrunk to the size of an ant, what are you going to do next?

47. Describe a time when you were very proud of an achievement.

48. Create a superhero animal and pen a poem about it.

49. Write about your magical journey to outer space.

50. Create a new dance move, what inspired the grooves?


51. Write a letter to your favourite teacher.

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52. Write a story about a firefighter who has a dragon as a pet.

53. Write a letter to your favourite family member.

54. Write a letter to a friend who moved away.

55. Describe a time when you felt really happy.

56. If you could invent a candy, how would it look and taste?

57. Imagine you were with Charlie and Willie Wonka at the Chocolate factory, what would be the top three things you would do?

58. Describe your dream vacation.

59. Name twenty favourite things in your favourite colour.

60. Invent a robot and describe its abilities.

61. Create a magical creature and describe its powers.

62. Choose an occupation and write about your day in the chosen job.

63. Invent a new board game and teach the game to your friends using a written letter.

64. Explain which is your favourite public holiday and how you celebrate it.

65. You found a time machine! Where would you go and why?

66. Write a letter to a teacher who will teach you in the future.

67. If you could talk to the clouds, what would you say to them?

68. Describe your sibling’s favourite outdoor game.

69. Describe your cousin.

70. Write a letter to your pet.

71. Your favourite toy was snatched from your hands by a friend. How do you react?

72. Describe a time when you overcame your nervousness.

73. Imagine you had a map to lost treasure, talk about your journey to find it.

74. If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

75. What is your favourite food and why?

76. When were you very excited and why?

77. Write a story about a day in the life of a spy.

78. If you could fly to the moon, what would you do on it?

79. If the sun could hear you, what would you say to it?

80. Invent a new planet, what would be its name and what is so special about it?

81. Write a letter to someone you admire. (He or She can be alive, dead, a celebrity, historical figure, Olympian)

82. Invent a new toy that babies will love. Explain how it works.

83. Write a story about a plane that talks.

84. Imagine if you have a key that opens any door, where would you go?

85. What is your favourite family tradition? Why is it important?

86. Invent a new plant, what could it grow?

87. Write a story about a talking car.

88. If you were Batman’s sidekick, what would your name and special skills be?

89. If you could use Ironman’s inventory, what would you borrow?

90. What was one question that you never got an answer for? Write the question and possible answers down.

91. Write a story about a day in the life of a fighter pilot.

92. Pen a poem about a magical toy.

93. Describe your hobby and why you enjoy it.

94. Describe your favourite park. What is so special about the park.

95. What do you think is the best way to help the environment? Describe how it works.

96. Which is your favourite library and why?

97. Write a letter to your favourite athlete.

98. In the last book you read, which was your favourite character and why?

99. Create a new character in the movie you just watched. What does the character do?

100. Which cartoon do you like to watch? Why?

More Awesome Writing Prompts for Kids

More Awesome Writing Prompts for Kids

101. Imagine you can talk to the stars. What would you ask them?

102. Invent a special water bottle, what features would it have?

103. Create a story about a talking plant.

104. Create a magical potion and tell us all the ingredients in it.

105. Invent a new mode of transport for the city you live in. What would it be like and why?

106. If you were Mayor for the day, what rules would you impose?

107. Write a letter to your future self, 30 years from now.

108. What can you give thanks for today? Name three things and explain why.

109. If you could learn any language, what language would you learn and why?

110. Have you ever been very curious about something? What was it and how did you quell your curiosity?

111. Which island would you like to visit and why?

112. Describe your reading spot at home.

113. Think of an achievement you are proud of. How did you achieve your goal?

114. If you could write an autobiography, what would the first chapter be about?

115. What is your favourite subject in school? Why?

116. If you could learn any skill you could, which skill would you choose?

117. Write a letter to your future sibling.

118. Describe a time when you felt scared but you overcame the fear.

119. What is your favourite game to play during recess? Why is it fun?

120. Imagine you are a conductor of an orchestra, which song would you get the orchestra to play?

121. If you could invent a robot to do chores, which chore would you get the robot to do?

122. What’s your favourite spot for a family outing?

123. Invent a new flavour of cotton candy, what does it taste like?

124. Imagine you are an instrument in the orchestra, which one would you be and why?

125. Write a story about a day in the life of zookeeper.

126. You are trying to hide from someone and have to put on a disguise, what disguise would it be?

127. If you could be an animal, which animal would you be?

128. Write a song for your favourite musician.

129. Convince your parents to get a pet. How would you pen your letter to your parents?

130. Imagine having a magic pen that brings drawings to life, what would you draw?

131. What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

132. Think of a new way of communication with only words starting with the letter S. What is one sentence you can form using only S-words?

133. Invent a candy that has magical powers, what effect would it have on people?

134. Think of a time you made a bad decision, what decision was it and why did you regret it?

135. Imagine encountering a knight, what would you say to him?

136. How can we encourage more people to visit the library? Think of ten ways to get people to go to the nearest library.

137. Describe a time you were proud of a family member.

138. Imagine encountering a princess, what would you say to her?

139. If you had all the resources you need to help some children in any part of the world, who would you help and how?

140. You are in school and discovered a hidden door the height of a ruler behind the stairwell. Where does it lead to? Will you open it?

141. What was your last dream about? Write about it.

142. List 5 things you want to do before you turn 20.

143. Make a list of 20 things for bored people to do.

144. If you could invent a robot that can complete your homework, what can it do and how?

145. Describe your favourite outdoor activity and why you enjoy it.

146. Invent a new submarine that can explore the ocean. What features would it have?

147. If you found a fairy’s wand, what would you use it to do?

148. Write a story about a day in the life of Superman.

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149. You saw an alien and its spaceship in your garden. What will you say to it?

Have a laugh with these funny UFO jokes for kids.

150. Imagine you can control the wind, what would you get the wind to do?

151. What is your favourite breakfast cereal and why?

152. If you could own a store, what would you sell? Create a catalogue of all the products sold at your store?

153. Create a new superhero team and describe their superpowers and costumes.

154. Write a story about a talking treehouse.

155. You are an astronaut that is exploring a new galaxy, how many planets are there? Which one would you like to explore?

156. Make up a recipe that your parent would love.

157. If you were a farmer, what would you grow on your farm. Why?

158. What is your favourite kind of weather?

159. Describe a time when you had to make a very difficult decision and how you decided.

160. Write a letter to an inspiring person.

161. Create a magical creature and describe its habitat.

162. Who is your best friend? Introduce him or her and a list of five traits people should know about him or her.

163. Describe your favourite activity with your grandparent.

164. What do you like to do on a rainy day? Describe your favourite activities.

165. Imagine if a painting on the wall started talking to you, how would you respond?

166. Do you like insects? If you had an insect as a pet, which insect would it be?

167. Invent a time machine, explain how it works.

168. Describe your favourite sport.

169. If you could climb a mountain, what would you pack in your bag? Make a list.

170. If you were stuck on an island, what are three things you wish you could have?

171. Imagine you are a mountaineer, what would be the first sentences you would say on top of the mountain?

172. Invent a type of robot that can finish your homework and tell jokes too. Tell us about this robot.

173. How do you plan a surprise birthday party?

174. Tell us three jokes that will make us laugh.

175. Describe a garden with the strangest plants you have ever seen.

176. If you were a scientist, what experiment will you run?

177. If you could whisper to the oceans, what secrets would you tell?

178. Write a story about a mountain that sings.

179. Invent a new type of technology that can help grow hair on balding heads.

180. Describe the best present you have received.

181. Who are you grateful to?

182. What is your favourite way to relax and why does it calm you down?

183. What are three games you can play indoors?

184. Describe a time you felt proud of a sibling.

185. What is one invention you cannot live without?

186. What is a good sibling? Name five things a good sibling can do.

187. What’s your favourite podcast? What is it about?

188. If you were a Radio DJ, what programme would you have on your show?

189. Write a haiku about falling sick.

190. Write a haiku on how not to fall sick.

Need more poetry writing ideas for kids? We have some great poetry prompts for kids here.

191. Would you rather live near the beach or in the mountains? Write about one preferred option.

192. Describe the best thing you did over the school holidays.

193. What is the first thing you think of when you hear or see the colour yellow?

194. What makes someone a hero? Who do you think is a hero?

195. Try writing a tongue twister. Hint: A tongue twister is a poem where many words sound similar and start with the same letter.

196. What is something new you learnt today?

197. Write a story about a pet that runs away. Does it come back?

198. Imagine you are on a quest to save some people trapped in a cave. What would you bring along and how are you going to carry out your rescue?

199. Why did the chicken cross the road?

200. Knock, knock. Complete this joke.

Kids Writing Prompts to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

Kids Writing Prompts to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

201. Imagine taking a walk and stumbling upon a sleeping dragon. What do you do?

202. Write a story with these three words: sponge, fairy and band.

203. One day you woke up and discovered you have a tail, what would life be like?

204. Imagine if owls took over the world. How will the humans behave?

205. You went to the pool and found a witch swimming in it. What will you say to the witch?

206. What is your favourite Disney movie? Write a different ending for the movie.

207. Which is your favourite Disney character? Think of the character as a neighbour, what would the character be like?

208. Write a story about super hero cat.

209. The penguins at the zoo have run away, how are you going to help get them back?

210. If you were a reporter, who will you interview and why?

211. Have you been to an amusement park? What did you like about it?

212. Rethink your school uniform! What would you wear to school if you had a choice?

213. If you could choose what to eat for the rest of your life, what would you eat?

214. Set a timer for two minutes and listen out for all kinds of sounds. What do you hear?

215. If you were chef for the day, what would you serve your family?

216. Write a story about a vegan lion and a man-eating ant.

217. What are you good at doing? Name your strengths.

218. If you had all the time in the world, what would you do next?

219. You are preparing for a trip to the wild jungles of Congo. What will be in your bag?

220. Invent a bag that can hold everything you need for an adventure in the outback.

221. Imagine you are in a new school and it’s your first day. How do you feel and what will help you feel better?

222. Give five tips to a friend who has trouble making new friends.

223. Which magic trick would you want to learn to perform?

224. Imagine visiting the hairdresser, falling asleep and waking up to a bald head. What would you do?

225. Re-write a paragraph from your favourite book in old English.

226. Re-write a dialogue from your favourite book and include some slangs specific to your generation.

227. Imagine your residential area had its own newspaper, what would be the news about?

228. Which is your least favourite subject? Why?

229. Write a poem about your favourite teacher.

230. You see a puddle in front of you. What will you do with it?

231. A duckling is lost. It is following you everywhere, and you are on your way to school. What will you do?

232. What is your dream car? How much does it cost? And why do you like it?

233. What would you like for your birthday? Why would it be a great gift?

234. Think of a time when someone helped you. What did they help you with and how did it make you feel?

235. Who is your favourite relative? (Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, Grandaunt) What is the activity you would love to do with them?

236. Think of a time when you couldn’t stop laughing. What tickled you?

237. Choose an emotion: sad, angry, excited, nervous, happy, confused. Pen a poem about the chosen emotion.

238. Where would you sail a boat to if you could sail?

239. Imagine you could switch identity with a friend. Who would you switch your identity with and what would you do for a day?

240. Which world record do you think you can break? Make a list and share your strategy.

241. You get to build a brand new city. Where would you build it? What would it look like?

242. Imagine you have to be the teacher for a day, which subject would you teach? How will you teach? What classroom rules would you have?

243. Do you have a hobby collecting anything? What do you collect?

244. Answer this riddle, then make up your own. What is always coming but never arrives? (Answer: Tomorrow)

245. Write a sequel to your favourite fairy tale. What happens after happily ever after?

246. If Shrek appeared at your door one day asking for food, what would you say to him and what would you do?

247. How do you show that you are brave?

248. Bananas or Grapes? Explain your choice.

249. Look around you and write a story about three objects you see.

Book Quotes

250. Pen a letter to the author of one of the books on your shelf.

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251. Imagine the future of mobile phones. What would they look like in fifty years?

252. Choose your pet: Electric Eel or Rattle Snake?

253. You come home and discover your bed covered in glitter. How do you react? Will you clean it up?

254. Use the alphabet A to Z and make a list of your favourite things.

255. Write five lines of a poem that imitates the style of Dr Seuss.

256. What is one thing you have to do everyday that your friends don’t do?

257. Describe your favourite pair of shoes.

258. What is your favourite outfit and why?

259. Share your experience when you volunteered to help a charity.

260. What are your plans for the upcoming school holidays?

261. Which is your favourite museum? Which exhibit do you love most?

262. What does the word love mean to you?

263. When was the last time you exaggerated something? Pen the experience.

264. What are some objects you will keep for your future children?

265. Pen a poem and include a simile in your poem.

266. Make a list of interview questions for your grandparents about history and ask them the questions.

267. What is the best breakfast you have ever had?

268. Write about the best party you have been to. What made it so memorable?

269. When do you feel most loved? What are the best ways to show love and care?

270. Pen a poem with seven lines, with each line dedicated to a day in the week.

271. Which movie would you watch once you turn 13?

272. What is something new you have tried in the past year?

273. You witnessed a crime, who do you tell?

274. How can you show your parents how much you love them? Think of five ways to thank them for all they do.

275. The President of the country needs your help with a crisis! What crisis is it? What is the best way you can help him or her?

276. Imagine you had an invisibility cloak. Where would you go with it? How would it feel to be invisible?

277. Imagine if dinosaurs were still alive, what would life be like?

278. What sounds annoy you? Write them out and think of a creature that makes all these sounds.

279. If you had the ability to predict the weather, how will you use these special powers?

280. Imagine you could build a treehouse for all your friends to hang out at, what would it look like?

281. What is something you would change about your country’s weather?

282. List your favourite genre to read. What are a few books you recommend?

283. Imagine you are at the Science Lab and one day there was a huge explosion. What caused the explosion and what happens next?

284. What are good table manners? List 5 things that mean good table manners?

285. If you owned a theme park, what are the rides and attractions would you have at the park?

286. You have $20 to spend at the supermarket, what would you buy?

287. Share what your last nightmare was about.

288. What do you fear most and why?

289. What would your pet say to you if it could talk?

290. If you had to perform on the school stage in front of everyone, what would you perform?

291. Convince your school about the need to get a new vending machine. What would this vending machine sell?

292. If you were a YouTuber, what will your channel be about?

293. Imagine you had a drone camera, where would you go to make a film? What would it capture?

294. Have you heard of the seven great wonders? Which would you like to visit?

295. What is the most fun job in the world?

296. Which is your favourite precious stone? Where does it come from? You can make this up.

297. Which is your favourite Olympic sport?

298. It is raining popcorn! How are you going to collect all the popcorn? What flavour is it? How does it taste?

299. If you had a Gruffalo as a pet, how would you care for it?

300. A day at the zoo, all planned by you! Where would you go first? Which animals are the must-see?

301. You started a magazine, what would you name the magazine? Who will be the intended audience? What sections would it have?

302. Which do you fear more – the dark or cockroaches? Why?

303. Milk chocolate or Raisin chocolate? Why?

304. It is the middle of the night, some noises are coming out of your wardrobe. Something is in it. What do you do?

305. You have to participate in a kite-flying competition. How will you design and build your kite?

306. What are a few things you can do every day to be a strong child?

307. Write about a day in the life of a truck driver. Where would the truck driver go? And what music does the driver listen to?

308. Describe your favourite art project, what was it about? Why was it your favourite?

309. If you could help to rescue animals for a day, what animals do you think you will encounter? How were these animals trapped?

310. What are you most proud of about your school?

311. Which is your favourite family photo? Where was it taken and where is it displayed?

312. Give three reasons why there should be more holidays in a year.

313. One of your stuffed animals come alive and start interacting with you. What is it saying and how does it sound?

314. Outdoors or indoors? Why?

315. What is your favourite season of the year?

316. Who do you wish you look like? Why?

317. Onomatopoeia means the creation of a word based on a sound. Can you write a starting paragraph to a story that includes onomatopoeia?

318. If you were in charge of your country, what new rules will you impose and what rules will you change?

319. Imagine it is day all the time and it is never dark, how would you feel about that?

320. Everyone around you turned into hamburger zombies, what is your escape plan?

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