Family Lounge in Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport

01.Canopy Park Family Lounge
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Truth be told, my daughter and I are night owls. We don’t sleep particularly early, and there have been evenings I’d take her out on a whim. In my defence, that usually happens on the weekend, so it’s like a treat!

I was pretty excited when I first found out about Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport; I figured it was really time for me to visit Jewel Changi Airport.

But when I realised Canopy Park would be open until 3 am, that’s when I did a joyful jig because there actually is somewhere I could take my daughter for a little play… in the middle of the night.

Canopy Park, located on level 5 of Jewel Changi Airport, is a 14,000 square metre indoor wonderland that features an array of exciting attractions for the whole family.

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Take Five At Canopy Park’s Family Lounge

Canopy Park Family Lounge Benches toilets

If you need more evidence of how family-friendly Jewel Changi Airport is, then check out Canopy Park’s Family Lounge.

As it stands, Jewel Changi Airport’s toilets are pretty swanky-looking, much like a very popular shopping centre on Orchard Road.

Canopy Park Family Lounge Waiting AreaLocated right by the Foggy Bowls, the Family Lounge in Canopy Park doesn’t disappoint in the least! But be warned – getting your children into the toilets may be tricky what with the large TV screen and super cute mini wooden slide placed right outside.

If mummy desperately needs to nurse baby, we’re sure daddy would be happy to wait outside watching cartoons – older children optional.

There are also wooden infant feeding chairs should a little one need to refuel before playing some more.

Canopy Park Family Lounge Baby Care RoomNow, the Baby Care Room – this has to be the pièce de résistance of the Family Lounge! A sight for sore eyes, the Baby Care Room is spacious and so very chic.

On one side of the Baby Care Room – looking out to the TV / sitting area – are three cushy Nappy Change mats, nappy bins, mirrors, and washbasins.

Canopy Park Family Lounge Baby FacilitiesOn the facing side are one hot/cold water dispenser and four lockable Nursing Rooms which are each fitted out with a comfy armchair, a small side table, a washbasin, and a powerpoint!

These private Nursing Rooms make me want to have a newborn right about now. Almost.

Baby Care Amenities in Jewel Changi Airport

Armchair at Baby Chair Room in Jewel Changi AirportJust so you know, there are Baby Care rooms on every level of Jewel Changi Airport. So you’ll find the same chic and modern nappy change stations, hot/cold water dispensers, and private nursing rooms from B2 right through to level 4.

Kudos to Jewel Changi Airport for keeping mummies and daddies so close to heart in the design of these awesome Baby Care amenities!

Should you be a new mummy or a young family visiting Canopy Park in the near future, you can rest assured that Jewel Changi Airport has you covered in the Baby Care area.

Find out what more Canopy Park has to offer in our story here.

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