Edible Singapore National Day Crafts For Kids

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Kids enjoy craft. They love to snack too. Why not combine their two pastimes into one fun bonding session to celebrate Singapore’s birthday? Time to make edible Singapore National Day crafts together!

Here are some ideas that will have you happily cutting, sticking, assembling – to create patriotic works of art that you can feast both your eyes and tummies on.

Merlion Deconstructed Sandwich

Merlion Deconstructed SandwichHow about paying tribute to the mystical Merlion this National Day by re-imagining the humble ham sandwich?

– Bread (1 slice)
– Chicken ham (3 pieces)
– Japanese cucumber
– Cherry tomato
– Mayonnaise or other dressing for the sandwich (optional)
– Quail’s egg (optional)

Follow these steps:

1. Cut the bread this way to create the Merlion’s face.

Bread cut into the shape of the Merlion's head2. Cut semi-circular or circular shapes with diameters of approximately 1 to 1 ¼ inch each from the chicken ham using a cookie cutter. If you don’t have such a small circular cookie cutter, you can use the head portion of a gingerbread man cookie cutter to make the shapes.

Merlion Scales3. Use a peeler to cut thin strips from the cucumber. About 7 or 8 strips will do.

Cucumber strips4. Now you can start assembling all the parts together. Lay the ham shapes out, starting from the tail end of the body all the way to the top, to create the scales effect. Cut out two leaf-shaped pieces of ham to make the tail fin.

5. Place the face of the Merlion at the top end of the body. Cut out a small rectangle to create the mouth. For the eye, use half a cherry tomato (sliced across the middle). If you find the red laser eye a la the Sentosa Merlion Light Show too dramatic, you can use a black olive instead.

6. Complete the Merlion by “painting” the mane using the cucumber strips.

Merlion sandwich - Edible Singapore National Day Crafts7. You can decorate further by adding “waves”, made using mayonnaise or any other dressing. To up the nutritious value of the sandwich, you can also include a sunny side up quail’s egg as the sun in the picture.

Starry White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Starry White Chocolate Dipped StrawberriesThis edible National Day craft says “We Love Singapore” with its red and white colour theme, complete with stars to represent democracy, peace, justice, equality and progress.

– Strawberries
– White chocolate buttons
– Star-shaped sprinkles

Follow these steps:

1. Wash the strawberries, pat dry them with paper towel and leave them out for a while to make sure that they are dry enough for the white chocolate to coat well.

Strawberries2. Melt the white chocolate buttons in a bowl over simmering water, stirring constantly. (How much chocolate to use depends on the quantity and size of your strawberries. 340g of white chocolate can coat 18 large strawberries.)

Melting white chocolate buttons3. Dip each strawberry into the molten white chocolate such that the top half is red while the bottom is white.

Dip each strawberry into the molten white chocolate4. Stick 5 star-shaped sprinkles on the white chocolate portion of each strawberry. Put the completed items on a sheet of baking paper and refrigerate till the chocolate coating is set before serving.

e11 strawberrieswithstars

We found that leaving the chocolate to set with the strawberries in this upside-down position eliminates chocolate puddles.
We found that leaving the chocolate to set with the strawberries in this upside-down position eliminates chocolate puddles.

Watermelon Yoghurt Popsicles – Edible National Day Craft Ideas

Watermelon Yoghurt Popsicles - Edible National Day Craft IdeasWhat’s a cool way to celebrate in this tropical weather? With red-and-white themed popsicles! Here’s an edible National Day craft that is extremely easy to make, and fits the occasion perfectly!

– Watermelon
– Yoghurt (apple or any other flavour that looks white)

Follow these steps:

1. Cut the watermelon into small pieces.

Cut the watermelon into small pieces.2. Fill half the popsicle container with watermelon pieces, then add yoghurt before putting everything in the freezer.

Put them into popsicle containers3. Enjoy! Happy National Day!

Enjoy the National Day Popsicle Craft