Dyslexia Association of Singapore’s “Donate To Educate Pledge 2020”: Supporting Those With Dyslexia

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From now till 29 February, Dyslexia Association of Singapore’s Donate to Educate Pledge 2020 campaign aims to raise funds to help students with dyslexia from low-income families.

Supporting those with Dyslexia

A social enterprise, Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) supports those with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties. It serves students from preschool to Secondary school who have been diagnosed with dyslexia, as well as adults who struggle with literacy.

Dyslexia Association of Singapore
Image: Dyslexia Association of Singapore

It currently provides support for over 3,500 preschool, primary and secondary school students in 14 centres all over Singapore.

The DAS preschool programme for K1 and K2 children provides individual attention to young learners who are struggling with early literacy.

At the primary school level, there are small group programmes in areas such as Chinese, English Exam Skills, Maths and Speech and Language Therapy. For secondary school students, the main literacy programme supports those with literacy needs till Secondary 5.

More than half of DAS students rely on bursaries and DAS needs to raise over $1 million annually to support these children.

Dyslexia Association of Singapore’s Donate to Educate Pledge

This is the first year that DAS is holding the Donate to Educate Pledge. The campaign will run from now till 29 February 2020 with donations going to the DAS Bursary Fund. This will help students from low-income families with dyslexia access specialist support at learning centres in order to achieve their academic potential.

In the past, DAS’ donation drives have included the Dare to Dream campaign which was launched in October 2018 during World Dyslexia Week.

Donations to the DAS Donate to Educate Pledge 2020 can be made online through the Giving.sg.