Chores Children Can Help Out With At Home

Chores Children Can Help Out With At Home
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Now that home is a lot busier with “Work From Home” (WFH) parents, social gatherings and events cancelled and places of worship closed to services, home also needs some care. What better time is there to get the kids to help out with chores? Little Day Out lists out list of chores children can help out with at home according to their age group.

Starting “Chores” with a “Helping” Mindset

Chores Children Can Help Out With at HomeKids should be expected to help – and they can start with little tasks from the age of one as they learn to pick up toys. Waiting till they are teenagers or adults could be too late. The last thing you want is to have dependent adults who lack basic skill sets to take care of themselves or their families.

Once your little ones learn to pick up objects, you can teach them where objects belong and how to tidy up after playing. Heap praises on the toddlers with “You’re very helpful” or “Thank you for putting the block where it belongs” for positive reinforcement.

Kids being kids, and even adults, are generally disorganised as they are unable to think of the consequences of misplaced items. Starting with toys, followed by clothes and sorting dirty clothes into the laundry basket are little steps towards a cultivating a “helping” mindset.

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Children often love imitating adults so take advantage of the enthusiasm and let them help! Even if it results in less than ideal results. A great helpful mindset is what you want to encourage. So Tiger Moms, chill and recruit those little helpers.

Suggested Chores According to Age Groups

Chores Children Can Help Out With at HomeHere are Little Day Out’s suggestions for age-appropriate chores!

Chores Children Can Help Out With at Home

Ages 1 to 3

  • Pick up toys
  • Sort toys
  • Stack books
  • Put dirty clothes into laundry basket
  • Throw diaper and trash
  • Fetch diaper, wipes and change of clothes
  • Use dry wiper/sweeper (shorten the rod)
  • Wipe spills with kitchen towel or rag


Ages 4 to 6

  • Organise toys
  • Put books back on shelves
  • Feed pets
  • Make the bed
  • Pour liquids – water or milk – into cups
  • Serve beverages to guests
  • Use handheld vacuum
  • Water plants
  • Set the table for meals
  • Load/unload washing machine
  • Hang clothes using pegs
  • Remove clothes, sort clothes
  • Match socks
  • Chop fruits and vegetables, separate vegetable parts like beansprouts


Ages 7 to 9

  • Clean dishes, dry dishes
  • Load/unload dishwasher
  • Fold clothes
  • Sweep and vacuum floors
  • Clean fish, meat
  • Wash fruits and vegetables
  • Peel fruits
  • Make milkshakes, mix drinks
  • Make salad
  • Replace toilet rolls
  • Stack stools/chairs
  • Read to younger siblings


Ages 10 to 12

  • Prepare simple meals
  • Wipe kitchen countertops
  • Wipe windows
  • Bake muffins or bread
  • Coach younger siblings with homework
  • Do a grocery run
  • Fold clean clothes
  • Organise groceries
  • Sort out recycling
  • Use chef’s knife
  • Use food processor
  • Learn how to iron


Raise a Helper Who Can Be a Giving Member of Society

Chores Children Can Help Out With at HomeInvolving children in many little ways at home and letting them try their hand in all kinds of chores will be rewarding, not just for your family but to the society at large. Instead of having entitled children who grow up to be dependent adults with no basic life skills, we can choose to raise value-giving helpers who contribute to society in many ways.


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