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Discover the top history-related activities in Singapore for families and children, from events to ideas to news that will excite. This your go-to source for things to do in Singapore.

Guess The Childhood Snack

[Video] Guess The Childhood Snack

Think you know your childhood snacks? How many of these can you identify in under 10 seconds? Why not share this story on your...
Peranakan Museum in Singapore: Straits-born Culture

Peranakan Museum in Singapore: Straits-born Culture

Beaded slippers, sarong kebaya and ornate furniture. These are some of the objects closely associated with the Peranakans that you can view at the...
The Intan

The Intan: The Heart of Peranakan Culture

What do you think of when you hear the word “Peranakan”? Delicious food, beautifully beaded handicraft, or maybe even the TV show “The Little...
Singapore Musical Box Museum collection

The Singapore Musical Box Museum: Pause And Listen

Ask many Singaporeans if they are aware of the existence of the Singapore Musical Box Museum and looks of confusion will probably follow.Despite a...
Story of the Forest

Best Museums in Singapore for Kids

The best museums for kids present information in fun and innovative ways, entertaining while informing, leaving young ones with fond memories of their visit. And, that is...
Little India Heritage Trail

8 Interesting Connections You Can Make Along the Little India Heritage Trail

Little India is one of the most iconic districts of Singapore. The Little India Heritage Trail, launched by the National Heritage Board in January...

The Battlebox: Hidden Tunnels Under the Forbidden Hill

Hidden in secret tunnels, deep under a hill, top military commanders convene in what is now known as The Battlebox to deliberate the fate...