Behind the Bricks: An Interview with LEGOLAND® Malaysia’s Model Shop Manager

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Stefan Bentivoglio has a passion for building LEGO installations, and you can tell he is genuinely excited when he talks about the creations at LEGOLAND Malaysia.

The LEGOLAND Master Model Builders are responsible for the LEGO installations you see around the park, including Miniland, the park’s centerpiece which attempts to captures Asia’s myriad of cultural landmarks, using over 30 million LEGO bricks. The 34-year old who leads the team of LEGOLAND Master Model Builders at the park, declares emphatically:

“The Miniland here is the best in the world, and I have seen them all.”

Building LEGO Models Around the World

Before coming to Malaysia he was a model builder in LEGOLAND Germany, and for the Star Wars Miniland in California’s LEGOLAND. There are five other LEGOLAND parks in Europe and the US, but Bentivoglio says the Miniland in this park distinguishes itself with the representation of the most number of countries in one Miniland. He also points to the use of technology to create the effects and movement and features like the longest train track and the extensive lake.
“Everyone should see the Miniland at night, when the LED lighting scheme brings out the beauty of the installations.”

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Every Brick Has Its Place

Bentivoglio shares that the model building team starts each day checking on the installations, looking out for structures or sculptures that need maintenance or repairs. And they think up new model ideas to keep things interesting and relevant for park visitors. As visitors, we may take for granted the thought and creativity that goes into every model. But if you take the time to look around you, you will find many playful and interesting creations with a story to tell, and certainly something to make you smile.

These guys take their LEGO bricks very seriously, and we are glad that they do.


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