Beauty Garden Park: Playground Fun In The Neighbourhood At Bukit Batok

Beauty Garden Park: Playground With Neighbourhood Fun At Bukit Batok
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Nestled amidst the housing blocks at Bukit Batok Street 32 is Beauty Garden Park. Home to a variety of play equipment, kids can have fun moving from station to station around this neighbourhood park.

Beauty Garden Park Playground

The Beauty Garden Park playground features no less than five sets of play equipment, all themed in red and grey.

Beauty Garden Park Playground

At one end of the playground, there is a play set with a pair of grey dual slides. Hanging off four arcing poles which lead out from the middle are little climbing apparatus where kids can put them motor skills to the test. There is also a suspended swing dome-shaped seat.

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Climbing Platform at Beauty Park Garden

Complementing this is another play structure with ramps, slides and climbing equipment.

Rope dome

More adventurous kids can head over to the rope climbing dome. Stretched out within a frame created by grey triangles are ropes which kids can scale. A series of stepping stones connect it with the other play structure.

Strips to climb

Another piece of play equipment at the Beauty Garden Park playground are a series of plastic strips which form a mini-slope that kids can scale.

Electronic play equipment

The playground also has two sets of electronic NEOS play equipment. However, only one was working when we visited.

Beauty Garden Park: A Family Hub

Beauty Garden Park at Bukit Batok also has an exercise area. It is intended to be a family hub which can be enjoyed by different members of the family.

It is also located not far away from the Bukit Batok Airplane Playground and Fish Playground.

Beauty Garden Park is located in front of Block 350, Bukit Batok Street 32.

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