Bukit Batok Fish Playground: Fishy Fun In The Neighbourhood

Bukit Batok Fish Playground: Fishy Fun In The Neighbourhood
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Fancy a spot of simple fun in the neighbourhood? We came across a fish playground in the Bukit Batok which looks complete NOT out of water. This little heartland play spot invites kids to have a bit of imaginative fun within its whimsical structure.

Bukit Batok Fish Playground

Bukit Batok Fish Playground

Found in front of Block 320 at Bukit Batok Street 33, the fish playground is a light mustard colour.

Bukit Batok Fish Playground

It has cute googly-looking eyes on either side and a large mouth in the front which si gaping wide open. Stripes take the form of coloured bars, giving the fish its form.


At the top of the play structure is a pink dorsal fin while an equally pink tail at the back completes the look.

Fishy Fun in the Neighbourhood

Climbing up the Bukit Batok Fish Playground

The fish’s mouth is one of the entryways for kids to climb into the playground. Inside the mouth is a short ramp with climbing handholds for little fingers to grip on to as they make their way up into the belly of the fish.


There is also a set of sliders inside the mouth; good for toddlers to play with.

Into the Fish Playground

Another way into the Bukit Batok Fish Playground is on its right hand side where there is a short flight of stairs. This leads up to the low platform inside the fish.

Even though small, the Bukit Batok Fish Playground still manages to incorporate two sets of slides for children. A pair of orange, open slides leads down the left hand side of the fish, opposite the stairs.

Sliding out of the fish playground in Singapore

There is also an enclosed tube slide that sends kids shooting out from the rear of the fish.

Heartland Playground at Bukit Batok Street 33

The Bukit Batok Fish Playground is a little neighbourhood play spot that is most suitable for toddlers who are looking for a little bit of fishy fun.

It is a short distance away from the Bukit Batok airplane playground.