Ang Ku Kueh Girl Releases New Stickers To Celebrate National Day 2020

Ang Ku Kueh Girl National Day 2020 Stickers
Image: Ang Ku Kueh Girl Facebook Page
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Sweeten your National Day messages with some adorable stickers from Ang Ku Kueh Girl! Represent the local spirit in the form of WhatsApp and Telegram stickers featuring the cute, locally designed character.

These adorable Ang Ku Kueh Girl stickers feature local expressions such as “hoseh liao”, to “abuden” or “heng ah”! There is sure to be a sticker appropriate for any everyday conversation (including a face palm)!

iPhone users are also in for a bonus as Ang Ku Kueh Girl’s National Day stickers are available in a new app which can be used in both iMessage and WhatsApp. The National Day stickers are available here.

In order to add the stickers once it has been downloaded, go to iMessage and tap on the sticker pack icon in your app drawer. Drag the sticker bar upwards to reveal the full sticker pack. Then, tap on the WhatsApp icon at the bottom right hand corner and tap save after.

After that, you will be able to start using the stickers on both iMessage and WhatsApp!

Get the full instructions on how to download the WhatsApp and iMessage stickers here.

Downloading Ang Ku Kueh Girl’s National Day WhatsApp and Telegram Stickers

You can find the link for Telegram download here.

Android users can download the stickers for WhatsApp here.

iPhone users can download the stickers here.