ACRES Appeals For Help To Support Its Work With Animals During COVID-19

ACRES Appeals For Help To Support Its Work With Animals During COVID-19
Image: ACRES
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ACRES, Singapore’s only wildlife rescue, non-profit organisation, is dedicated to rescuing and caring for the wildlife on our little island. The organisation often steps in when there are native wild animals or abandoned exotic wild animals in need of help. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected ACRES and it is requesting for the public’s support to sustain its work.


According to ACRES, its small rescue team of 15 handles an average of 1200 calls per month. That’s an average of 42 a day.

While ACRES usually raise funds through its educational tours and programmes, these have been cancelled due to the restriction on public gatherings. The ACRES fundraising gala, which usually helps raise about $150,000, has also been postponed to July and it is still uncertain if it will proceed.

There are currently over 150 animals in the ACRES compound and majority of them are from the illegal wildlife trade. These include exotic illegal pets such as tortoises and snakes as well as native birds under rehabilitation.

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Some of these animals are housed permanently at ACRES as they are unable to be released back into the wild after being conditioned to live in illegal domestic environments.

Every Donation Counts

ACRES Appeals for Donations
Image: ACRES

The current circumstances have therefore placed increased pressure on ACRES’s funds.

As such, ACRES is now appealing for contributions to sustain its work. Every donation counts.

A donation of $10 a month can provide enrichment for animals at the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC). Larger donations of $100 can sponsor a day’s worth of food, and $500 can sustain ACRES’ rescue van that powers its 24-hour wildlife rescue van for 2 weeks.

The donations will also go to contributing to funding undercover animal crime investigations, as well as their veterinary costs and expenses.

Acres deputy chief executive officer Kalai Vanan shared in an interview that ACRES is not trying to profit out of this fundraiser. “We are here to help these animals and the community and with that, we will continue to strive towards that.”

Members of the public who are interested to find out more about helping ACRES can do so at the following ACRES campaign link.

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